IoT At MobiDev: Pluto The Robot

Serge Koba
Serge Koba,
Ruby Team Leader

Meet Pluto, our two-wheeled robot prototype, a curious venture into the Internet of Things. He can explore the world through his camera eye. This little robot has been recently assembled in MobiDev by our PHP/Ruby Team Leader Sergey Koba.

Let’s take a look at the technical details. The mechanical part is based on Arduino UNO, controlled by a program written in C++. Pluto’s “brain” is represented by a Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1GB RAM Quad Core 1.2GHz 64bit) and a Python-based Web server. Other parts include a HC-020K Double Speed Measuring Sensor Module and a Camera Module Board REV 1.3 5MP Webcam Video 1080p 720p Fast For Raspberry Pi 3.

Pluto’s Wi-Fi module can connect to a local network. Once it’s done, a user can control Pluto with a Web browser, which receives streamed video taken by his camera. Thus, he’s the best remote guide for miles around. Looks friendly, too!

Pluto will be subject to upgrade in the near future. His camera will be placed on a rotating platform in order to have more flexible controls. It will also be possible to measure distance to any nearby objects. If he behaves well, he’ll get two more wheels. As for us, we are going to proceed with revealing the skills and potential of our developers both in theory and practice—a bit far away from IoT trends for business—but great fun nonetheless. Stay tuned with our blog!

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