Cross-Platform Software Development

Does your business require presence on more than one platform? Does your user audience share iOS and Android equally? Is development of two native apps rendered unnecessary by technology? Need access to your app from any device?

We offer you a cost-effective alternative that covers the majority of platforms for both mobile and desktops – cross-platform apps (also known as multiplatform apps). It takes less efforts to create them and adjust for all required platforms. We can reuse a part of the same code to create a supporting landing page.

  • We developed RAD.js, a framework that boosts speed, performance, and responsiveness of your multiplatform apps;
  • We master all major frameworks and toolkits for multiplatform development (e.g. PhoneGap, CrossWalk) and will consult you on each one;
  • We developed an internal use app for the healthcare industry. The main objectives were mobility, reliability, managing big volumes of data, and failure-free interaction with the server; another important factor was access from a variety of devices and platform versions;
  • Our leading experts contributed reports and best practices to world's major IT conferences. We know the multiplatform inside out and apply all our knowledge to your project.

Let us know about your project. We'll help you reach maximum users in the best way.

What do our clients say?

alt"The app speaks for itself. Best elance experience I have had...very professional and timely in delivery and response. The key with mobidev is quality quality quality...everything about them is done to the highest quality. Will definitely work with them again. Quite simply one of the most professional elance merchants. Pleasure working with them and the design so far looks great, can't wait for the finished product."

- Stefan Maasjost -

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One app for all platforms

Your branded individuality

Multiplatform development has certain industries where it can't be beaten: branded apps, PR apps, presentation apps, mass media and online shops, portals and blogs, apps for tourism industry, etc.

How does cross-platform save your budget?

Cross-platform development reuses large parts of the code for different platforms – you save time and money. Yet we adjust your app to meet each platform's guidelines, so that your users would feel familiar and comfortable with it.

The fastest multiplatform apps

We use the best cross-platform tools that allow to create truly unique interfaces without compromising performance and usability. Among them is RAD.js – our self-developed toolkit that speeds up multiplatform apps.

Reach more users than your rivals!

Cross-platform is basically a hybrid between web apps and native apps. It shares the advantages of both sides: it's generally built faster like the former, and has the rich functionality and smoothness of the latter.

The cross-platform can be a perfect solution for your project, if:

  • You need a great unique UI; the visual part is more important than the business logic on the client side;
  • Complicated calculations and operations can be performed on the server side;
  • The app contains a lot of image, audio and video content, including long lists of items.

Thematically the cross-platform suits best for:

  • Mass media, portals, forums and blogs;
  • Online shops;
  • Presentations, branded and PR apps;
  • Apps for tourism industry, etc.

Although cross-platform software requires an extra amount of time for optimization for each platform, it's way faster than making another native app from scratch. What's more, in the end you receive an app that has native look and feel. Our goal is to help you determine whether cross-platform development is the best solution for your project and your users.

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