Digital transformation of your business with custom iOS development

Up to 70% of our clients consider the Apple platform as a part of their business.
It is not limited to iOS development anymore. The entire ecosystem that has been
created by Apple helps us to provide our clients with complex software development
services: mobile apps for iPhone & iPad, macOS solutions, Apple TV software,
and watchOS apps. The right choice means new power for your business, whether
it is a startup or an enterprise-level company.

Drive innovation
with iOS application development services

Machine learning and mobile applications: a new era has just started

Apple has brought us its next big thing: Core ML, a machine learning framework to use data science in iOS applications. It opens a wide range of new capabilities related to data analysis and integration of trained machine learning models into applications, making them smarter.

Not only does it influence the consumer app market, but also opens a wide scope of industry-related services to provide. As an iOS development partner, MobiDev leads clients from a variety of business domains towards new opportunities and benefits.

New horizons with augmented reality inside your mobile app

Augmented reality for industrial and consumer purposes go hand in hand. Millions of iOS users are able to access your augmented reality application built with Apple's ARKit. This innovation—brought together with iOS 11—ensures reverse compatibility up to 5 generations back.

We are creating new products and features that involve augmented reality in proprietary industrial and consumer software. Innovative companies are exploring new technologies with the help of our technical experts at this very moment.

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Complex iOS development services
for multiple industries

Innovations are mastered by our experts and integrated into software products of our clients.

  • ARKit framework is used to create augmented reality in iPhone and iPad applicationsARKit
  • Core ML framework is used to integrate machine learning algorithms into an iOS applicationCore ML
  • HealthKit is used for Health & Fitness-related iOS and watchOS application development
  • iBeacon enables iOS applications to perform a variety of actions within beacon networksiBeacon
  • Face ID uses the technology of face recognition to protect iOS devicesFace ID
iOS Application Development Services

Over the last 8 years MobiDev has been providing custom iOS development services in a number of business domains

  • HIPAA-compliant mobile software for Healthcare & Wellness
  • Consumer and management apps for Wholesale & Retail Trade
  • Integrated software products for Construction Works & Engineering
  • Mobile applications for Transport & Logistics
  • iOS applications for Media & Entertainment
  • Innovative software for Tech Companies & Startups

Taxi booking application: custom iOS development
with guaranteed delivery

Watch more video testimonials, kindly provided by our clients.

Client testimonial for iOS application development services by MobiDev Brian Schiff RedRoute co-founder

When we found MobiDev, we were very early in the process of starting our business. We had tried and failed a number of other mobile development firms. Our backs were against the wall and we needed to get our MVP into the market. We needed to deliver the product to our customers. And they were there for us, and they got the job done from day one. They are still the only people on the RedRoute team, who actually meet their deadlines. It's incredible!

Client testimonial for iOS app development services by MobiDev Samuel Krut RedRoute co-founder

MobiDev took our mobile development needs. They brainstormed with us. They came up with concepts that helped our business features that are today's instrumental of how we run our business. They always met every single deadline. And whenever we had staffing needs, they were always there with people on their team ready to provide.

What added value can a software development company
bring to a product owner?

Chief Commercial Officer of MobiDev - mobile development company Oleksii Ostroverkhyi Chief Commercial Officer at MobiDev

Evolution of any software product goes along with evolution of the product owner's business. As the business evolves, so do its needs and values. We believe no one else can handle it better than a professional development company, responsible for ongoing development and regular delivery of the product.

Read the full article for further insights into added value brought to you by our company at every stage of software product evolution.

  • Success story: iOS application as a part of a complex ERP suite

    MobiDev brought innovation to enterprise-level companies by building a cloud-based ERP suite for retail business. From the very beginning, a dedicated team has been developing this software product and customizing its functionality to the needs and processes of the companies that adopted it. The client addressed us with an idea and a well-formed vision—now this product is regularly updated by means of automated deployment. Our team successfully works to keep it ahead of the competition, applying advances in Data Science.

    This suite includes an integrated iOS application: a recently released mPOS app, which brings the features of Point Of Sale and inventory management to the mobile and works seamlessly within the entire system, using its standard API.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

  • Success story: iOS development services for corporate health and wellness

    While we cover mobile development needs, our clients have more time to concentrate on building their business. For example, we developed and delivered B2B software focused on support of healthy nutrition and mindset of corporate employees with mobile gamification and online challenges. Here is what the client said about our collaboration:

    "The project managers of MobiDev are a pleasure to deal with. They were readily available, made good suggestions to improve work efficiency, as well as taking suggestions on board. Their communication was excellent and they definitely made our mobile development project run smoothly. We were really happy with the design work as well. We felt very safe in their hands. MobiDev took direction really well but also came up with some great ideas and innovations that added to our visual images of how the product would look."

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

  • Success story: iOS development for the consumer Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things makes our lives easier, saves individual and corporate resources, and even protects our homes. This applies well to an innovative smart product: a firewall that protects home networks from external intrusions and malware.

    The client and his in-house team were well-acquainted with building hardware and firmware. However, they were not familiar with the sphere of mobile development. They were in need of a reliable partnership that would help them create and release integrated Android and iOS applications well before the hardware hits the shelves of stores. This is where we came in. Our partnership has been lasting for years, and now the product is an evolving work of IoT art.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

  • Success story: iOS applications within a solution for the retail sector

    Here is a venue management system that includes 2 iOS applications (for iPhones and iPads), software for touchscreen-based POS terminals, complex cloud-based architecture with automated testing and deployment of updates. After the launch, the returns on investments came in faster than predicted, and we went on to keep the system evolving, customized to a different extent for different venues.

    As of now, this system brings mobility to more than 120 chains of clubs, bars, and restaurants in San Francisco. It has increased employee productivity and established 24/7 operations. A forward-looking tech solution and consistent teamwork brought the client's concept to tangible success.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

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