Apple iOS Software Development

About iOS

Apple iOS is the headmost mobile platform derived from Mac OS X. Being the most popular platform with mobile developers, iOS redefines the potential of a mobile device. While not the most widespread around the world, iOS is the leader in app monetization. Apple products are considered by many people as works of art and essence of style.

iOS cornerstones

  • Outstandingly high quality, efficiency and reliability, matched by rather high costs;
  • Elegant and intuitive user interface;
  • Elaborate correlation between hardware and software;
  • Apple App Store is the single official market for iOS apps;
  • 30% of app revenues go to Apple, 70% to the software owner);
  • Submitted apps must pass a strict quality control process to be approved for App Store.

The most popular devices

Applied technologies

  • languages and frameworks: iPhone/iPad API: UIKit, Core foundation, Core Services, CoreAnimation, CoreLocation, MapKit, MediaPlayer, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, Cocos2D, AFNetworking, RestKit, MagicRecords, JSONModel, Custom interface controls, StoreKit, MKStoreKit, CoreMotion, CoreImage, CoreText, Testflight, SpriteKit, QuartzCore, UIKit Dynamics, PassKit;
  • data storage: Core Data, SQLite, file storage;
  • data languages: JSON, XML;
  • IDE: XCode, AppCode;
  • AdMob, Google Analytics, GIT, iCloud.

Invest in future

Apple's introduction of its mobile OS on the iPhone (followed by the success of the iPod Touch and the iPad) became a significant achievement and made up a single market opportunity for app developers. While iOS never intended to dominate the market in quantity, its stable leading position and profitability for software owners are undisputed advantages.

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