Custom UI/UX Design For Your Software Product

Effective UI/UX design is directed at needs, wishes, and limitations of end users. That's what you must keep in mind when you design a software product. It requires efforts at every design stage. Your software product must be optimized in the way users can, want, or must use it. They are not supposed to change their behavior to adapt to it.

Thus we formed the main principles of our approach to UI/UX design:
• Happy users make the software product owner happy
• A perfect application lies at the crossing of user needs, product owner's business requirements, and various limitations (related to technology, time and budget)
• The app design phase is a path from the abstract to the concrete: from general tasks and ideas to specific interface elements and user scenarios
• When you design an app from scratch, the increasing cost of changes must not be neglected; the earlier the last changes are discussed and introduced, the faster and cheaper further development becomes

The design phase in software development usually comprises 3 main parts: sketching, wireframing, and visualization.

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How do we design your software product?


Here is a perfect start for design: sketches are created quickly and easily. Iterative exchange of ideas helps find the most advantageous solutions. Research on the target audience and development of the software product's concept are mainly carried out at this stage.

Wireframing & Visualization

This is the structure of the future software product, which is created iteratively. The future appearance, set of interface elements and product logic are defined here. We put user interface design requirements together. This is the main stage of UI/UX design.

Finally, we proceed to visualization and branding of the software product's interface elements. Here your application gains visual individuality. The team gives a full estimate for development, based on the approved UI/UX design and project documentation.


Next comes a purely technical phase – preparation to implementation, slicing. This is a standard procedure that begins after the approved start of the development. Correct slicing means quality of interface development. Then everything follows the standard procedure: the UI/UX design will be implemented, the product will be delivered on time right into the hands of users, who in turn will leave feedback for further actions.

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