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Google is actively transforming the idea behind Android development,
covering the cloud, wearables, connected cars, IoT, AI, and augmented reality.
As an Android development company, we embrace multi-technological expertise
and ongoing education to create value, bridging the gap between business and technology.


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    Andrew Makarov, Lead Solution Architect for Android App Development Andrew Makarov Lead Solution Architect

    Indoor navigation based on Augmented Reality is a compelling example of what practical tech innovation should look like. It's never about the technology itself, but rather the way we can address a business use case and solve it.

    For example, Android ARCore empowers smart navigation solutions with its understanding of the real world via tracking position and movement of a mobile device. These solutions could be further enhanced with machine learning mechanisms.

    Experimenting with augmented reality, we came to a vision how to combine UI/UX with stability and reliability, which is crucial for production-ready solutions. Now MobiDev creates AR-based apps for enterprise-level companies.

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  • Building a custom Android-based OS with focus on security

    Stanislav Khoroshulya, Lead Solution Architect for Android App Development Stanislav Khoroshulya Lead Solution Architect

    Secure Phone is an enterprise-level mobile device management product, incorporating a device with a customized operating system based on Android.

    The solution includes a modified application framework, secure custom libraries, remote control and recovery, partition validation, and end-to-end encryption. It is a B2B solution that aims to deliver maximum privacy and confidentiality, being easily integrated with a corporate environment.

    MobiDev has been the core engineering team of this project since its very beginning in early 2012. It has been evolving to meet the needs of enterprise clients, and now includes a complex backend, automated infrastructure and billing system.

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    Enterprise Level Android-based Secure Mobile App Development
  • Client testimonial

    Joseph Schenk CEO at Quality Bridge, Inc.

    MobiDev impressed me with their track record of success. I felt that I was going to get the right team assigned to my project, and I was going to get the attention and expertise that I wanted. Little did I realize that I was going to get a real partner to help me turn my dream into reality.

    Had I hired an internal team, it would probably be costly and time-consuming, with search for candidates, procurement, management and all that goes with it.

    On the contrary, with MobiDev I got a quick start with a dedicated team. These guys easily tuned in, understood and expanded my product vision, contributed lots of valuable ideas as the project progressed.

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