Demo: Augmented Reality For Marketing & Brand Promotion

March 01, 2019 65 Views
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Augmented Reality For Marketing & Brand Promotion

Augmented Reality has become one of the most engaging means of delivering your products and services right to the pockets of your customers. Meaningful application of AR can become a novel way of interacting with your audience and bringing value to them, with improved visual recognition and emotional attachment.

Our today's example is an augmented business card. It certainly distinguishes itself among those collected by your potential business partner at the conference where you met. Your card becomes a source of information about your company, a link to your social accounts and email, and a screen for your video pitch. Interested how it works? Check the video to find out!

This example involves the image tracking feature introduced by ARKit 2.0 in iOS 12. It allows to track images on physical objects and fit virtual images with them, in our case creating an augmented business card.

Benefits brought by this technology include:

Increased customer engagement and emotional attachment: people love using innovations, and Augmented Reality, although it's quite widespread, still counts.

Virtual assistance: any details about your products and services can be conveniently delivered right to the smartphones of your customers.

• If we combine the abovementioned points with a simplified purchasing process, we get faster purchase decisions and a shortened sales cycle.

• Use of varied branding content: text, images, video, audio, links, interactive content, etc.

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