How To Use Artificial Intelligence For Personalization

How Artificial Intelligence Can Create Personalized App Experiences

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Personalization is a standard for most marketing strategies—and your app should not be different. But what does it actually mean? Personalization is when you address your customers directly, showing them that you understand their pains and needs. Thus, you show them a situation where they can recognize themselves and suggest solutions based on your product or service.

Seeing how artificial intelligence is driving mobile app personalization, it’s no wonder that business owners actively cooperate with AI companies to avoid lagging behind today—and expand their business in the future.

To back it up with a good example, see how the integration of voice assistants can enhance modern software solutions. Aleksander Solonskyi, Data Science Engineer at MobiDev, gives his thoughts on what lies at the heart of voice technology.

The core of what makes voice assistants work is the transfer of spoken words into text data. In order to accomplish this, voice technology uses neural networks to parse and classify speech. Successfully transferring speech to text has three primary aspects. The first is…” READ MORE >>>

Aleksandr Solonskyi

Data Science Solution Architect

These 3 tips will help to create a personalized app experience with the help of AI

Analyze Your Users

Previously, companies had to dedicate a serious block of both time and effort just to learn a little about its users. Most qualitative data has always been gathered on a relatively small scale from focus groups and interviews to observing user behavior throughout their experience.

What’s more, we have the tools that help us learn more about users and customers. It is not just the usual stuff either – while gathering information over the internet makes it easier to find out the basic demographics of your user base, it can also collect much more in-depth information.

You can use the following advanced methods to analyze your users:

  • Track how and when they use your app and even study their behavior outside of it. Real-time location data can help you select the messages, prompts, and notifications that you send to your users.
  • Send alerts about offers at nearby stores or even just information that they may find relevant at the time.
  • Thoroughly analyze users with the help of AI.
  • Use personalized customer interaction with the help of visual IVR systems.
  • Use Data Science to enhance the capabilities of user analytics and sales prediction.

Avoid Data Overload

Too much data can cause a similar problem. If you want to improve user experience, but not sure which information is viable, it may be tough to figure out which data sets to use in order to support your decisions.

Analysis paralysis is another issue – when deciding, you get caught up in the process and wind up never even choosing one. It is rather easy for the AI to handle and sift through the huge amount of data, while it would be difficult for you and the rest of your employees.

AI programs aren’t limited to gathering and sorting the information you need. They also can help you determine which data sets are more valuable and how they should be used.

Manage User Profiles

Building a mobile app, you want it to have a high level of engagement to guarantee its success. Your app shouldn’t be over-personalized either; this narrows your audience. By building a profile for each user, you will have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about them.

However, users grow and behaviors change every day. Personalization using AI can constantly edit and update profiles to show a current representation of the user. It also makes the experience as personal as possible for everyone.


Living in the age of information means that something can be learned from every blog users read, every decision make and every action they take. Only by watching the new AI trends and applying new technologies and approaches companies can stay afloat and grow their business today.

Analyze your users with AI and Data Science to handle massive amounts of data. Use your findings to create user profiles and give your app a more personalized experience applying Machine LearningAugmented Realitythe Internet of Things, and other tech innovations.

DS and ML development

AI-driven personalization can help you build experiences that users will appreciate. If you would like to see how one of the top AI companies can help to improve your app’s overall user experience, contact us or check out case studies!

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