Flutter-based sports software for UK schools and nurseries

Client and business goals:

The Sport4kids company provides “beyond world-class”​ sports coaching for children. The unique approach covers sports activities that take place in schools, nurseries, and at sports clubs in the UK. Most of the client’s business was offline. But with the pandemic, the client had to quickly move their business processes online and develop a scalable digital solution.

Product Description:

Sport4Kids is a cross-platform mobile-based solution that unites coaches, kids, and their parents around sporting activities done both online and offline. The system provides an easy-to-follow lesson plan, progress monitoring for coaches, and inspires kids and their parents to love sports.

Applied technologies:

  • Flutter, Dart 
  • Firebase, Firestore
  • React Admin
  • Integration with the Sportfusion CRM
  • Quality assurance: functional, manual, integration, and regression testing
  • UI/UX and gamification
Sports app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Business transformation during lockdown 
  • Focusing on fast product launch
  • Gamification to engage kids in physical activities

Business transformation during lockdown

Originally, lesson plans, schedules, and the assessment system were done on paper. The lockdown imposed restrictions that forced the business to move to a digital format. The main challenge was to find a way of organizing the fundamentals of the program so that they work for the coaches, kids, and their parents remotely. 


Focusing on fast product launch

When we started, a major priority was optimizing the time to market. Flutter & Firebase were a winning combination to quickly kick-off and deliver the results.

  • Flutter allows building native cross-platform apps from a single codebase, while the BLoC pattern architecture prevents delays in the app’s performance by utilizing structuring, async methods, and streams. It means that animations and screen scrolls will work smoothly while data loads from the server. 
  • Firebase represents a set of ready-to-use solutions which include authentication, real-time database, cloud functions, and storage. The Firestore database is managed locally in the console, which saves time for developing the app. 
  • There was no need for server-side development. With Firebase Cloud Functions, it is possible to automatically run backend code in response to events triggered by the Firebase features. 


The client aimed to involve more people to do sports at home. As the end customers included kids from schools and nurseries, the app has to be fun. To achieve this, we implemented gamification and strived to make the UX as comprehensive and easy as possible to use. To engage parents and their kids in using the app, a number of elements like reward cards, animal badges, achievements, and scoring were implemented.

800 lesson plans
190 coaches
6000 parents

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