AR Solution for Home Renovation

Client and Business Goals:

N2:20 is an experienced home construction and renovation firm based in Oregon, USA. The company founder, Alex, thought of the idea of software that will make estimation and visualization processes easier, faster, and more effective.

Product Description:

Home Scanning is an iOS app aimed at solving two “pains” at the same time. The first one is room refurbishment visualization in augmented reality. And the second one is a visualization-based estimate. Users can try out different materials and objects from the catalog, and get a calculation right away. Although the solution mainly targets home improvement specialists, it seems to be helpful for home owners as well.

Applied Technologies:

iOS app (Swift), ARKit, SceneKit, RealityKit, a custom-built algorithm with Graph data structure, Agile management approach, quality assurance and testing AR features.

Project Highlights:

  • Applying and mixing materials in augmented reality
  • Recognizing locations and editing saved AR projects
  • A comprehensive estimate feature
  • Start with Proof of Concept

Applying and mixing materials in augmented reality

Users can apply objects and materials in AR and see how they match together. But mixing different materials on the same surface is a challenge from an engineering stand point. To reach this goal we have built a custom algorithm and used a Graph data structure. As a result, users can divide the floor area into an unlimited number of zones and set the relevant material for each one.

Recognizing locations and editing saved AR projects

Users can get back to the project at any moment, view the details, and apply changes in augmented reality using AR Preview mode. If the user opens the project in the same room, Relocalization helps to locate it in the same position used while scanning.

A comprehensive estimate feature

Supplementing visualization with a prompt estimate is an essential feature from a business perspective. The system automatically provides users with the quote for materials chosen for visualization and extra elements (e.g. screeding or plasterboard).

Start with Proof of Concept

Our experience shows that the PoC stage is the perfect option when we need to minimize risks and check the key concept. Additionally, it provides extremely high flexibility and the ability to try new ideas instantly. This is exactly the case for Home Scanning.

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