Taxi Booking App Development

Client and Business Goals: 

The startup founded by a team of Cornell University students was on a mission to build something impactful. They partnered with local taxi companies to provide easy cab access in college towns. 


The system comprises three pieces of software, united in a single suite: a native tablet-optimized Android app for drivers, a dispatch panel, and a native iOS app available to customers. The solution was integrated with maps to build routes and pick-up points in real-time. 

Applied Technologies:

Swift, Objective-C, RESTful API on PHP, Braintree Payment Services, PubNub and APNS for real-time notifications, Google Maps, Google Places API

Web-based proofreading & editing platform
Web application development project highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Operating maps and GPS positioning in real-time
  • 3 months to launch a production-ready version

SaaS Web Application Development Principles to Be Followed

Thorough and сreative UI/UX design stage
Thorough and сreative UI/UX design stage

Operating Maps and GPS Positioning in Real-Time

  • Real-time client-server communication became the key feature of the entire project from the very start. It was a challenge to get identical states of rides for all sub-applications: Customer, Driver, and Dispatcher. Therefore, all communication between apps was designed to be transmitted through the backend, which stores actual ride states. The applications can send requests via HTTP to the backend only, and only the backend can notify the apps through 2 channels. PubNub (for cases when the app is opened) and APNS (when it is closed).
Thorough and сreative UI/UX design stage

3 Months to Launch a Production-Ready Version

  • We started development in May 2016 and needed to have a production-ready version by early August 2016 for the start of the academic year.
3 Months to develop a production-ready version
3 Apps in the software suite
1200 Unique Users within 2 weeks after the release
The backend was fully developed by MobiDev

We appreciate the team being very proactive in assuring that the technology was ready to go for launch. Roman was great to work with! His understanding and years of experience in software development are evident in his work. Eugene was very easy to work with, clear, and prompt. He invests himself in his work and the final product is representative of this. Andrey was great. He was prompt, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Finally, working with Alex, Anton and Kostya was a pleasant experience. MobiDev has really shown us their dedication. Thank You!

Samuel Krut

Platform сo-founder, COO

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