Microsoft-Based Enterprise SaaS for Data-Driven Process Management

Client and Business Goals:

ItnetX is a Switzerland-based Microsoft Partner and service provider who contacted us for the development of an enterprise SaaS platform for modeling and managing business and IT processes.

Project Description:

To create a microservice-based platform with rich functionality based on Microsoft technologies (.NET and Azure services).

Applied Technologies:

Scrum, .NET stack, Microsoft Azure (Service Fabric, Blob, Azure Table Storage), OData, MS SQL, manual testing, Postman for API testing.

Microsoft-based enterprise SaaS for data-driven process management
Microservice-based platform with rich functionality, based on Microsoft technologies

Project Highlights:

  • Joining clients Scrum team and workflow.
  • Running Microsoft Azure and .NET for corporate clouds
  • Setting up the testing process and writing testing documentation
Microsoft Azure & .NET for corporate clouds
Microsoft Azure & .NET for corporate clouds

Joining Clients Scrum Team and Workflow

  • We needed to extend the existing team to boost product development, but there was no way to exclude a stand-alone feature for a remote team to work on as everything was deeply integrated and connected. MobiDev jumped into existing Scrum processes and joined the client’s in-house team. It was a considerable risk for the client, but it worked out well, and now we’re working on another project with them.
Microsoft Azure & .NET for corporate clouds

Running Microsoft Azure and .NET for Corporate Clouds

The Azure services that we used for the platform include Service Fabric, Blob, and Table Storage. The first use case that was implemented with our help concerned the HR management module of the system. It automates employee profile creation and management, allowing us to take several steps in one quick provision. This module was showcased at Microsoft Inspire 2018 and garnered a positive response.

Setting Up the Testing Process and Writing Testing Documentation

  • Together with the client’s team, we elaborated and validated a flow that documents all activities and responsibilities of the QA team members. What followed was an analysis of the testing environments and the formation of documentation comprising checklists and test cases. Additionally, we introduced options that allowed us to manage test cases in Visual Studio Team Services.
Azure Ecosystem For Enterprises
Efficient Remote Team
110% Team Involvement

The greatest benefit brought by QA is that defects can be prevented before they are implemented. It takes farless time to edit the specification or to include a solution in the code than to rewrite it to fix something. In other words, QA saves the product owner's time and money from the very beginning of the project during the idea stage, during development, and even after product release

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