Workshop for Content Writers «Visual Metaphor»

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We are glad to inform you about a new event for Content Writers! 

During the webinar, you will learn how to convey maximum information with minimal words and images and how to make sure that readers have explicitly remembered you. 

We welcome you to spend a productive Saturday together with experts of Marketing Team MobiDev. The event will take place on April 03 at the workshop “Visual Metaphor.” 

The invited lecturer is Dmitriy Makarov. He is known as an architect of presentations, information designer, founder of “Present Perfect Studio, “co-founder of the school “Yomko,” and lecturer in the school “Bagazh.”

One of the most popular questions in my lectures is how to choose images for specific slides. It depends on the particular case. But I have tried to decompose the mechanics and algorithms of this process on parts. Visualizations are crucial in presentations. Even before you said a word, the picture had already given the viewer/listener/reader a huge layer of sense and emotion. The correspondence between visual image and your message is also critically important because it allows you to avoid discrepancy

Dmitriy Makarov

the workshop's lecturer

Dmitriy is a proponent of the theoretical-practical approach. Therefore, there will be tasks that must be done on a laptop by listeners during the lecture. Dmitriy will give feedback on the completed work.

When: April 03, Saturday

Time: 12:00

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Free

Where: Online translation – Google meet.

Registration is required.

Let’s create a space and atmosphere for comfortable communication and development! Join us!

Details about the event can be found:

Titova Ekaterina – HR-manager of MobiDev company

mobile. +38066 320 63 06


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