Webinar “What Artificial Intelligence Can Do and Not Do for Your Business”

We are glad to announce a new webinar dedicated to AI opportunities and benefits for business. The event will be conducted on the 3rd of March, at 5 pm (UTC +2).

What AI can do and not do for your business? How to test the market fast with an AI project? These are the main questions we’ll discuss on our webinar with:

Liudmyla Taranenko - AI/ML Solution Architect

The first speaker, Liudmyla Taranenko, is going to highlight the topic “What AI can do and not do for your business.” She will focus on business owners’ needs to explain what AI can do for their businesses. The decision about whether AI is suitable for the project and meets its needs, cannot be made casually. It is preceded by the analysis of different factors carried out before the start of development. 

Alexandra Ilinskaya, Head of Business and Technical Analysis

The second speaker, Alexandra Ilinska, will highlight the topic “How to test the market fast with an AI project.” She will explain why the most appropriate way to implement an AI solution in the first stage is to try something small like PoC or Demo. All information is based solely on real cases.

This webinar is organized with participation of Mobidev’s official partner – Axis Innovation. The firm connects investors and corporations with the best technology startups. Also, Axis Innovation works to enhance opportunities of dealings and organizes conferences. These conferences serve as direct platforms to connect a growing network of international investors with a high caliber portfolio of leading technology startups. 

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