Startup life-hacks: MVP at half cost and Machine Learning with minimum risks

Wednesday, 28 October InnMind hosts an online webinar from MobiDev tech specialists about indispensable ML and MVP application in shortcuts startup development at half cost.

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InnMind is an ecosystem of like-minded people, inspired by innovative entrepreneurship, business driven technologies and the idea of changing the world with their multinational & multilingual team.  They’ve hosted a variety  of projects in more than 60 countries around the globe, since their emergence in the field in 2015. 

This webinar is for startup founders, CEO, CTO and entrepreneurs who’d like to learn more about how to reduce development efforts more than twice and minimize development risks and learn more about roadmaps for AI startups, and some peculiar intersections of Business and Data Science and much more! 

Our MobiDev Speakers who will hold the webinar:

Anna Karnaukh, Project Manager Team Leader at MobiDev

Anna Karnaukh is a Project Manager Team Leader at MobiDev. She is responsible for projects’ delivery (from ideation and PoC to product launch and maintenance) to clients around the globe, as well as the development of corporate culture and internal processes at MobiDev.

Topic: Shortcutting Development Roadmaps to get the Product to Market and Investors Faster

  • Covid19: challenges vs opportunities;
  • MVP light approach to reduce development efforts more than twofold;
  • Tangible outputs to minimize development risks from the very beginning;
  • MVP is not the only way: meaningful time investment in the future success of your product;
  • Startups success cases;
  • How to be focused on business and seamlessly cover many pitfalls in your path.
Liudmyla Taranenko, Lead Data Scientist at MobiDev

Liudmyla Taranenko is a Lead Data Scientist at MobiDev with 5+ years in the DS/ML field. She has a strong mathematics background and experience using predictive modeling, data processing, data mining algorithms. She has implemented ML for retailers and tech companies in cases of revenue prediction, fraud detection, optimization, and trend identification.

Topic: From Roadmap to Execution: Implementing Machine Learning with Minimum Risks

  • Roadmap for AI startups;
  • Intersection of Business and Data Science;
  • Data Science process;
  • From where and how to start?
  • Cases – our practical experience

InnMind made a poll, where each participant can vote for the topic they’d like to discuss after speakers’ presentations. Vote here to receive an expert’s opinion. 

Wed, 28 October, 17:00 – 18:30 CEST

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