SaaStock EMEA: 2020 Startup Pitch Competition

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MobiDev supports the 2020 Startup Pitch Competition from SaaStock EMEA. 

SaaStock EMEA unites B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Conference partners present their latest experience in SaaS products development, tips to get traction, growth and scale. 

MobiDev has been participating in SaaStock for several years offline. This year MobiDev’s Product Manager, Anna Karnaukh, has given an online talk on “Shortcutting development roadmaps to get the product to market and investors faster”, outlining the step-by-step plan for developing a product with the help of MVP Lite approach

SaaStock provides  opportunities not only for the specialists of established companies, but also for developing startups. Within the framework of SaaStock EMEA was created the 2020 Startup Pitch Competition with a mission to find the best B2B SaaS startups of 2020. Furthermore, to give them a chance at beating the drum for their startup in front of the top SaaS market leaders and VCs. The winner also receives various prizes including a Startup Program booth at the next SaaStock conference, and a perk package from MobiDev:

– 80 hours of free software development and consulting for each of 4 finalists. This means the finalists can address us and we will provide our services in the amount of 80h for free. 

– 120h of free software development and consulting for the Winner.

The amazing samples of startup pitching are shown in the final competition video, where SyncSpider, BlinkIn, and Loyalytics Consulting contended for the championship. Nonetheless, all of them have already walked away with being named top startups in the 2020 Startup Pitch Competition.

Excellently structured presentation with a capturing story was presented by Josef Suess, Co-Founder of Blinkln, due to his pitching the startup won the contest. 

The startup revolutionized Customer support using AI and AR, shaping a smarter Youtube. They use computer vision for a video collaboration platform: chat, talk, video call. Therefore users are able to solve any problem remotely and visually. That is not just a communication platform, it also functions as an emergency platform for solving real issues in the real world. 

Norbert Strappler, Founder and CEO of SyncSpider, represented a bootstrapping startup. Being expressive and animated, he still maintained a level of professionalism. 

SyncSpider – a universal marketing tool that helps to synchronize web app data across 100’s of channels and platforms. It is an app to app integration tool built for e-commerce. In such manner, that makes it easy to sell on many channels at once. This platform is for already existing retailers, who want to automate the processes and go online.

One more example of an extremely good presentation was introduced by Ahmar Abdullah, Co-Founder of Loyalytics. He clearly developed and emphasized the core elements of their product.

The startup is for the mid-market retail segment. Helps to improve customer engagement metrics, without managing their own CRM team. They work with automated actionable recommendations, improving data quality. They will take care of  Customer Engagement, Social Media Management, Automated Store Audit, and Business Intelligence.

A wide range of expertise was delivered by Stefan Trockel, Co-founder and CEO of, who focused the speciality and 35-years experience of their project not only on technology aptitude, but also linguistics and cognitive science.

This startup offers conversational AI to deliver customer happiness in messaging apps. Their Natural Language Understanding technology enables AI assistants to interpret text messages in multiple languages robustly and understand customers’ questions and concerns. AI chatbots learn from real dialogs of real interaction with clients. They also re-imagined Dialog Automation: vertical plug’n’play solutions.

For a good pitching it  is important to stay focused and not get lost in irrelevant tangles. Well ahead of time be ready to pitch your startup in 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10 and 20 minutes, thereby you will learn to understand  timeflow. In such a way, you will easily manipulate all the necessary information to show off. Practice the skill on your little ones, cousins, friends and colleagues using the appropriate vocabulary, that’s a good way to build a skill of getting a connection with the audience. On top of that strike the good note by enquiring who your judges are and what their peculiarities are, being in tune with them. Wish you good luck!

By the way, in December there will be an online event for SaaS CEOs.


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