Case Study: MDPlayer

April 24, 2015 386 Views
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Case Study: MDPlayer

The best music player for Android

Meet MDPlayer, a brand new music player for Android! It's a project developed internally by MobiDev, which means it's beautifully designed, ad-free, highly useful, responsive, and offered to you completely free of charge.

There are plenty of music players on the market, but we wanted to create one that would be the perfect choice for drivers who prefer listening to music in cars. It had to have a special Drive Mode for easy and quick control. It had to work in both portrait and landscape mode. It had to be just as perfect for listening to audiobooks as for music and adjusted for both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. This and much more was achieved with MDPlayer.

The only necessary condition for using MDPlayer is simply having a smartphone with Android 4.0+. Everyone is heartily welcome to try it out!


• Drive Mode – button sizes and gestures were adapted for maximum efficiency and simplicity in use on a docked smartphone.

• The source for the music library can be set upon launch, then, if required, changed in settings.

• Folders with audio files would be automatically assembled in playlists.

• An option of custom playlists.

• Playlists may be viewed as List or Blocks.

• Any folder may be excluded from the music library.

• An equalizer with a list of pre-installed modes.

• Two widgets for the homescreen (small and large) and a widget for the notification bar.


• Android SDK / Support Libraries

• Native audio playback (with effects)

• Native track metadata retrieving

• Displaying / caching bitmaps

• Custom UI elements

• Applying custom fonts

• Content provider and sqlite database

• Widgets and notifications

• ButterKnife library

• JodaTime library


The initial scope was rather poor if compared with the final product. It was actually limited to a conventional music player (with an exclusive design, however) packed with the usual stuff, such as playlists, equalizer, and widgets. We developed and applied our ideas on the go, with more and more user scenarios to test.

And it surely paid for itself; now we are glad to offer a great product for all music lovers around the world! It's very fresh and it's early days yet to talk about achievements – but we'd be glad if you tried it and sent us your feedback! Enjoy your music!


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