Testing is an integral part of every software project at MobiDev

The entire project team ensures and maintains the quality of your software product. Our quality assurance engineers are dedicated to providing precise and relevant information about the current status of your software. We point out existing issues and prevent possible ones to keep up with your deadlines and budget. Our context-driven testing methodology will fit any type of development process you may be using.

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Context-Driven Testing

Each project is unique, and our goal is to serve it well. To achieve it, we have to understand the project, you as its stakeholder, and your interests. We examine these details and carefully choose the most effective and suitable testing practices for the project. We consider your own definitions of product quality as well as your deadlines and budget, doing the best we can to satisfy your expectations.

Test Planning

Rather than trying to apply a single “best practice”, we accept that very different practices will work best under different circumstances. So our test planning includes far more than just creating test cases. We use test design techniques to achieve broader test coverage with less effort and create the most appropriate test documentation, which may include test cases, checklists, workflow diagrams, combinatorial tables, and others. These instruments help us to impress our clients by the actual process of testing rather than just paperwork.

Test Automation

We are sure that testing benefits from using various tools including automated UI and API checks. In the hands of an experienced QA engineer, automation may speed up detection of issues, provide solid test coverage and leave space for more thorough and sophisticated manual testing.

Rapid Testing

Under normal conditions, we skilfully design the testing and consistently perform it by the plan. When there’s a need to test a product immediately, under conditions of uncertainty, we proceed with confidence, applying our mindset and skill to solve testing problems under pressure. In any way, you will perceive that our time is well spent, and therefore rapid.

Functional Testing

Functional testing ignores the internal parts and focus on the output is as per requirement or not. In case of need we create and maintain corresponding project documentation. All combined parts of your software product and its environment are covered by system and end-to-end testing.

Unit Testing

Testing of individual software components or modules. Typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. It may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.

Performance Testing

A combination of methods to determine the performance of your software product under certain conditions. These methods include determining the behavior of the software under particular loads, finding its capacity limits under extreme load conditions, observing its behavior under sudden load changes. That is how we check the reliability of your mobile and web software.

Security Testing

The basics of this testing lies in assessing the effectiveness of your software at secure data storage and transmission.

Integration Testing

Integrated modules are tested to verify combined functionality after integration. These are typically code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, and so on. Integration testing is vital to client/server and distributed systems. We can test your product at different levels, depending on the project needs.

Installation Testing

A check that presupposes installation, launch and work of your software product on various devices we have at disposal.

Acceptance Testing

This is the end-user behavior simulation focused on the achievement of positive software experience. In other words, we take an ‘end-user’ look at your software product to make sure it is ready for deployment.

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