Tkachenko Yevhen
Yevhen Tkachenko
DevOps Engineer

Hi, I’m Yevhen and I’m a DevOps engineer. My journey in the IT world started at school when my parents bought me my first PC. I was interested in understanding how the device worked and what it could be used for (besides video games). This desire pushed me to get an education at the University of Radioelectronics.

My first job after graduation was as a system administrator, where I continued to deepen my knowledge of computers and networks. But my world turned upside down when I witnessed the magic of code turning into tangible applications. I was hooked! And that’s how I discovered the world of DevOps.

The DevOps world’s blend of creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration aligns perfectly with my interests. In addition to my technical skills, I am always eager to learn and keep up with the latest trends and best practices in DevOps and cloud technology.

As AWS Certified Solutions Architect, I am driven by the challenge of solving complex problems, and I am passionate about leveraging technology to drive business success.


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