Yevhen Kuzminov
Ruby Team Leader/Solution Architect

I am Yevhen Kuzminov, a Ruby Team Leader at MobiDev, bringing over 17 years of IT experience to the table. My academic background includes a Master’s degree in Radiophysics and Electronics, but my true passion lies in web development. During my career in IT, I have developed solutions for social media and entertainment, finance and banking, etc.

You can find me sharing my insights at conferences like CeBIT, IoT Tech Expo, SUP-X, and Developer Week. Beyond that, I contribute to open-source projects, and stay abreast of best practices in OOP, Domain-Driven Design, and functional programming languages, with a keen interest in Elixir/Erlang.

Articles written by Yevhen Kuzminov:

Application Modernization With Microservices: Challenges and Best Practices

Software Product Evolution

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