Pavlo Pylypenko
Python Team Leader

I’ve been passionate about programming since my childhood. Even from my early school years, I was curious about how programs and games worked, thus I began learning how to enhance the stuff I was using. One of my achievements during that time was creating a comprehensive map for Warcraft 3, incorporating a lot of logic and attempting to strike a balance between complexity and replayability. My hobby helped me explore various programming languages and approaches, eventually leading me to discover my favorite ones, in particular Python. As a result, I’ve been working as a backend developer since I was 19.

Apart from programming, I enjoy playing strategy and board games. I’m also a fan of outdoor activities and recently climbed the highest mountain in Ukraine.

I’m always eager to explore new technologies. I believe that AI tools like ChatGPT can accelerate development and enhance the quality of results.

Articles written by Pavlo Pylypenko:

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