Oleksii Tsymbal

Oleksii Tsymbal

Chief Innovation Officer
I enjoy rock concerts, playing mini-football and Airsoft. But most of the time, I'm Chief Innovation Officer, doing a mix of tech, business, and marketing at MobiDev.

Product evolution and applying software technologies to business cases - it's our focus. Our visionary clients are focused on growing business and crafting new ideas. And we do the implementation and all the management. We believe - product owners have to drive business with vision and passion. Our role is to support and make product delivery happen, no matter what! And being experts in AI/ML, IoT, AR technologies means providing our clients with options and ways to bring ideas to life.

Participating in HIMSS, CES, IBC, and startup-focused events allows me to stay focused on what technologies have to offer to businesses in Healthcare, Retail and other industries. Sharing insights on Toolbox and TechBullion.

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Santa Clara, CA (Nov 03-04, 2021)
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