Maksym Shevchenko, JavaScript Team Leader
Maksym Shevchenko
JavaScript Team Leader

I started becoming interested in programming with the C# language back in the distant year of 2008. I liked the language and thus obtained Microsoft certification for it. From that moment, I began to develop and explore this area.

Two years later, I learned JavaScript, along with HTML (at that time, JavaScript was not as developed as it is now). 

In 2013, I found MobiDev, or really, MobiDev found me. Here, I started working in the direction of cross-platform applications using Cordova. In a few years, I discovered the wonderful world of mobile development, then desktop application development, and later, single-page websites. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t particularly enjoy working in an environment where I couldn’t write code and have it work the same way everywhere. At that point, I decided to try backend development, and it captivated me.

Currently, I work both as a regular engineer and a solution architect. Along with that, I use my hard skills to master the path of consulting, which I currently find truly inspiring. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained for over 16 years.

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