Iryna Hurska
Iryna Hurska
BA Team Leader

Since 2016, I’ve been employed as an IT business analyst, gaining valuable experience in both product and outsourcing IT companies. I have actively contributed to the development of over 20 projects across diverse domains, such as FinTech, Social Networking, Retail, eSports, eLearning, and AR & AI, for clients in the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, and Japan. These projects have involved the creation of intricate web and mobile systems. Nowadays, I continue to pursue my passion by working as a business analyst.

To further explore the vast realm of business analysis, I have launched my Instagram blog where I share insights and knowledge with my audience. Additionally, I have created a special space for Business Analysts in IT called Easy BA, where I utilize my expertise for workshops, courses, and marathons. As one more goal within Easy BA, I have composed BA-related essentials into my book Business Analysis in IT – Is It Easy?

Articles written by Iryna Hurska:

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