iOS-Based Project Management And Planning Tool

Client and Business Goals: 

A Germany-based company, Angermeier & Partner,  involved in the civil engineering and construction industry, came up with an idea of creating a free tool for project managers that deal with large-scale, continuous projects.  


Prommpt is a Project Management and Planning tool, covering all aspects of collaboration and control in projects – suitable for Building, Construction, Production, and IT in any project in any project organization. It is a lightweight iOS application that allows monitoring the health of a project, which is then divided into various aspects that are assessed separately. 

Applied Technologies:

Objective-C / iOS, MagicalRecord plugin, EFCircularSlider plugin.

A lightweight iOS application suitable for building, construction, and IT projects
iOS-based project management tool development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Client-side only application
  • Two months for the first version development
Objective-C was used for the client-side only application development
Objective-C was used for the client-side only application development

Client-Side Only Application

  • With the help of Prommpt, project managers can assess the project aspects and see which areas require more attention and effort. These aspects (e.g. project scope, cost, procurement) getting reassessed over time and users who track the statistics. There is no backend in this app – all calculations are performed on the client-side.
  • Prommpt focuses on long-term monitoring and is comprised of the following main features:
  • Cost management module: the user plans the budget, sets estimated costs, enters monthly expenses, and tracks the time and cost performance over time.
  • Aspects of a project are as follows: scope, time, cost, quality, procurement, communication, risk, human resources, project management, and general issues.
  • The user assesses health percentage for each aspect, and the outcome is instantly visualized. Costs & budget information can be visualized with a chart as well.
Objective-C was used for the client-side only application development

Two Months for the First Version Development

  • The first version of Prommpt took about two months of seamless development, being quite easy and predictable. It had a lot of opportunities for further development. For example, there was a suggestion of creating web integration and adding multiple users, as opposed to the ‘personal’ nature of the first version. There were even thoughts of making a whole suite of project management tools, but the effort was finally concentrated on making Prommpt an even more advanced tool.
  • Prommpt’s first releases were essentially free. As it grew features, an upfront fee was chosen as the simplest way of monetization. Currently, the product has become a SaaS solution for more than 200 international projects.
2 Months For The 1st Version Development
Backendless Architecture Approach
200+ Adopted in International Projects
The product has become a SaaS solution for more than 200 international projects

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