HR Portal & Automated Employee Management System

Business goals:

Creation of a corporate social network with company structure, advanced search, employees’ photos, and required information about each employee.


MobiDev People corporate social network involving 4 user roles: Employee, HR Manager, Administration Manager, and Super Administrator.

Applied technologies:

Node.js, Nginx, PostgreSQL, AngularJS1.5, Bootstrap 3, Express Framework, UI/UX Design.

MobiDev People corporate social network
HR portal & employee management software development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Interactive visualization of a company structure
  • Automated HR & administration management systems
  • Social network for employees
The social network for employees
The social network for employees

Interactive Visualization of a Company Structure

  • The MD People’s structure of a company is divided into departments, groups and teams. Each department has its own heads and leaders. The system is totally customizable and easy to navigate.
The social network for employees

Automated HR & Administration Management Systems

  • Each company employee has a profile with personal info, available only to HR managers. Having all the employees’ personal info like birthdays, anniversaries, and employment periods in the MD People system, HR managers can easily plan budgets and consider dates in advance.
  • Automated calculations of vacation days, holidays, days off, working and overtime hours allows to optimize the work of the administrative department. 
  • By gathering statistics of active and former employees, MD People is able to generate reports on employees’ turnover as well.

The Social Network for Employees

  • With their personal account, each employee can search for colleagues, their general and contact info, and review departments’ structure. When employees take vacations, leaves, or remote workdays, the system sends automated email notifications.
The social network for employees

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