Medical Search Engine App Development

Client and Business goals: 

The Client expected a database of medical content and a website to become the basis for the app, which is a medical search engine for patients called, “Google for Medicine”. This app is intended to facilitate fast searches on the go and convenient offline access within an intuitive and highly responsive application.  


The MedNexus app was designed and developed as an easy way for healthcare professionals and patients to access the most relevant medical information from a variety of sources such as medical journals, government health sites, patient forums, etc. 

Applied technologies:

CoreData, AFNetworking, Custom View Controls from Cocoa Controls, ViewDeckController, JSONModel

Medical search engine for patients
Medical search engine app development project highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Market research to determine technology stack
  • HIPAA compliant healthcare app development
Native iOS app development
Native iOS app development

Market Research to Determine Technology Stack

  • Initially, the Client planned to build a mobile website and a cross-platform application based in PhoneGap in order to pilot the app, before developing a full-blown native iOS and Android app to test the app and iterate based on user feedback.
  • However, market research that involved studying the target user base’s mobile preferences, along with projected cost estimates, showed that the better strategic decision was to build a native iOS app, and only then proceed to Android as a separate project once concerns were addressed with respect to design, functionality, and usability.


Native iOS app development

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare App Development

  • The quality of software products and the precision of information is vital for every industry, for all of our products. When it comes to medical apps and the legally protected HIPAA compliant software development, there is an even stronger sense of responsibility. The client’s product must provide relevant and accurate information to users, and must do so in a reliable and fast manner. The risks of a user failing to find and access the needed information must be minimized.
  • We managed to build such a product and publish it on the App Store within the expected timeframe, much to the client’s satisfaction.
HIPAA compliant healthcare app development

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