Inspection Management Software Development for Government Entities

Client and Business goals:

Futurity IT, Inc. is a US-based product company that needed to finalize a software solution for government entities under strict deadlines and set up a non-stop cycle of development and regular delivery.


Inspections and Disaster Damage Assessment Solution is a cloud-based command center that streamlines inspections, revisions, assignments, and reporting.

Applied technologies:

Xamarin, Angular, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, MS SQL, Entity Framework, GIS mapping, Quality Assurance tools (TestLink, XUnit, Moq), Agile management framework

Cloud-based command center that streamlines inspections, revisions, assignments and reporting
Inspection management solution project highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Developed a quick start with first deliverables available within 2 weeks
  • Facilitated integration with the client’s in-house team and work processes
  • Carried out the design of a complex client-server architecture for the Command Center
Software development for Futurity IT, Inc., US-based product company
Software development for Futurity IT, Inc., US-based product company

A Quick Start With First Deliverables Available Within 2 Weeks

  • The client already had a number of customers who were ready to employ their products as soon as they were complete and stable enough for actual use. Our first focus was to create a dashboard, finalize, and launch a fully-fledged demo with stable basic features within a two-week deadline. We took on this challenge while the client concentrated on other business matters. That’s how the story began.
Software development for Futurity IT, Inc., US-based product company

Integration With the Client's In-house Team and Work Processes

  • The full product had to be completed in collaboration with the client’s in-house team. We had to operate under tight scheduling and speed things up whenever possible. The shortened delivery cycle was achieved by means of putting development on two parallel tracks. The in-house team, headed by the CTO, would take care of the mobile app and the real-time sync service. Our team would focus on the back-end and finalize the dashboard.
  • Down the road, we scaled the team and took over the mobile app development as well. Within an endless request flow, feature prioritization helped us to set up planning and single out the features that really mattered.

Design of a Complex Client-Server Architecture for the Command Center

  • Using Microsoft.NET technologies in conjunction with Xamarin for mobile allowed us to build a consistent and flexible solution for the distribution and management of tasks with subsequent reporting and real-time data synchronization.
  • A number of auxiliary features were added to enhance convenience and productivity (e.g., GIS functionality for adding images and functional icons to events on the map).
Within 2 weeks First Delivered Results
Since 2017 Working together
26 US States Adopted
Microsoft .NET technologies in conjunction with Xamarin

Our project had to be completed under the strictest deadlines one could imagine. Our clients, mostly government entities, needed a reliable product completed quickly and reliably. The project was a huge success. Regular releases and non-stop work were made possible by the skilled and competent engineers provided by MobiDev.

Heidi Hessler

Heidi Hessler

CEO Futurity IT, Inc.

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