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Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Client and Business Goals:

Crypto trading is growing in popularity among non-professional investors and even becoming a kind of hobby for many Americans. So the goal is to provide pro-level assistance to crypto traders through a powerful yet intuitive software platform.

Product Description:

Containing common crypto trading features, this trading app has a specific subgoal – to become an environment that eliminates self-doubt borders among inexperienced traders and leads them along the tricky path of mastering their trading skills. In particular, users can follow or copy trading strategies shared by experienced traders as well as explore the continuously growing learning base of various trading-related materials. Besides that, the platform fully covers the needs of experienced cryptocurrency market players, providing a mixed assets exchange tool along with an extensive personal trading history tracking and reporting function.


Applied Technologies:

Back-end: Node.js, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Redis

Web Front-end: React JS

Mobile: Flutter

Admin panel: Ant Design

3rd party services: Kraken, Syncfusion, Jumio, Zendesk

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Project Highlights:

  • Built integration with Kraken playing the role of a liquidity provider
  • Implemented an extensive trading history reporting
  • Performed Jumio integration for reliable verification
  • Chose Flutter for mobile app development
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform_mobile app screens
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform_mobile app screens

Built integration with Kraken playing the role of a liquidity provider

The strict budget and timeline requirements have pushed us away from creating a brand new crypto exchange to an alternative approach, based on 3rd-party liquidity providers’ services. Among the existing crypto exchanges that give access to markets via APIs, we have chosen Kraken. As a result, we have launched the app within tight timelines and got trading pairs from the very first release.

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Implemented an extensive trading history reporting

The users are able to sum up current and past performance through a comprehensive set of reports and create watchlists to keep track of investment ideas. Along with that, comparison charting provides a view of more than one stock at the same time for a much savvier overview of performance over a particular time period.

Performed Jumio integration for reliable verification

Strong verification and data protection are particularly important when it comes to vulnerable data related to your personal finances. To cover AML- and KYC compliance along with quick and strong verification, Jumio integration was chosen. The solution provides biometrics-based and AI-powered identity verification and performs built-in AML screening and transaction monitoring.

Chose Flutter for mobile app development

Along with the ability to develop the app for iOS and Android simultaneously (which has significantly cut out timelines), Flutter also avoids limitations on the customization of UI components. In particular, using Syncfusion helped us to implement the desired tracking & analysis functionality along with UI performance, which would be intuitively easy to use for traders.

Liquidity provider integration to get full crypto exchange functionality in tight timelines
Jumio for secure verification and smooth KYC
Syncfusion to cover extensive tracking & analysis with transparent UI
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform_sketch, wireframes, mockup

This project is an example of how complex technologies make hard things simple and accessible to society. It really doesn't matter whether you are an experienced trader or a person that is not familiar with investments at all, each of them is several clicks away from the goal. The application adapts to you, so you won't even notice how your investment skills will grow up. So, instead of following other investors, people start following you. On the other hand, this lightness is achieved through a complex combination of different technologies, third-party integrations, and extraordinary architectural and design solutions. But who cares? The users launch the application and boom! Investments are simple, that's all! This is the biggest win of this project, at least I think so.

Maksym Bieliai

BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev

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