MobiDev People: Custom Solution For Automated Staff Management

November 21, 2016 660 Views
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MobiDev People: Custom Solution For Automated Staff Management

MobiDev People, our staff management system, has garnered a lot of interest and positive response since we first introduced it. Now we gladly present a clickable demo – see it in action!

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The idea was conceived by our Human Resources department: create a corporate social network with company structure, advanced search, pictures, and other helpful information. It took a while to shape it into a set of consistent features and requirements. Identified problems were eliminated with a single solution.

Corporate structure

Corporate structure is one of the most important artifacts of a growing company, and it's continuously used by employees. There are departments, groups, teams, and each one has their heads and leaders. Elements of the structure often overlap and constantly evolve. The more complex it becomes, the harder it is to handle its growth.

MobiDev People Corporate structure

We shaped and developed a logic that was divided between the back and front end. It was the most laborious part of the job, but the results were easily integrated with the entire People system. Our forward-looking approach helped us to make it scalable and easily customizable, with quick navigation and links to personal profiles.

Solution for HR Department

Each new employee fills out a form with personal information, available only to HR managers. The content of these forms is subject to change, and the questionary itself may evolve as well. What HR managers need is a single unified template with examples, so they can easily surf through these forms. The information is properly ordered from the very beginning and never gets chaotic.

MobiDev People personal information

If the company has a tradition of congratulating employees with birthdays and anniversaries, it's necessary to plan the budget in advance, considering dates and employment periods. We relieved our HR managers from tedious manual calculations.

Solution for Administration Department

Manual management of vacation days, including procedures of requests and approvals, is a time-consuming activity for the Administration department. Calculations, adding and removing, overtime hours and checking, checking, checking – an extremely tedious procedure that became fully automated with our system. We had tested this feature for a couple of months until we were finally sure that it ran properly. No malfunctioning ever took place.

Another major concern is the work schedule of every employee. It has to provide immediate relevant information despite the complexity of the matter. People have different schedules and working hours, vacation days, holidays, compensatory leaves, personal days off, or they may just work from home on a particular day. While the problem used to be solved with Google Docs, we implemented a specific feature for quick management. Comprehensive schedules are visible to other employees inside the system. All the necessary information is easily accessible.

MobiDev People Work Schedule

There is a nice bonus: the system gathers statistics of active and former employees. It generates reports that help keep track of employee turnover and can be used for accounting. This data can be exported as spreadsheets.

Social network for employees

Every employee has an account with minimum level access in the system. It provides them with immediate information that no longer has to be requested from the HR and Administration departments. Here is how a user Profile looks like to every logged-in user:

Public employee profile

Search can be conducted via names, groups and departments; the system shows suggestions with names and pictures, where you can select the needed employee before finishing typing their name. It becomes easy to remember new faces and names.

MobiDev People Advanced Search

Another essential feature is a system of email notifications about vacations, leaves, and remote work days. Our team leaders notably appreciate this timely delivery of information. They use it for effective distribution of team workload.

There is an event feed with birthdays and anniversaries as a pleasant bonus.

Plans for the future

Our initial approach involved 4 user roles: Super Administrator, HR manager, Administration manager, and Employee. It has been recently changed to the Role/Permission system for more convenient assignment of available features to particular users.

There are several features suggested for further implementation and inclusion in the system:

Skills. We have teams with different specializations: native iOS and native Android developers, cross-platform developers, back end developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, etc. Each of them has a certain set of skills that must be available to managers for easy search.

• We are currently working on functionality for project managers and team leaders, including personal project histories. We'll also add a layer of project teams to the corporate structure.

• We consider adding comprehensive CVs to employee profiles. They can be easily sent by request to product owners, in order to select and get acquainted with team members for their projects.

What works for us, can work for you!

If your company requires a solution that saves time of your employees and allows them to focus on more important matters, it can be easily customized. The system can be enhanced with new features that are vital for you. It can be tailored to your specific business, and we'll be glad to help you with that!

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