Case Study: Mobile Fitness Studio

August 13, 2015 338 Views
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Case Study: Mobile Fitness Studio

Here's an interesting example of a successful fixed cost software project. Fixed cost appeals to many Clients if only for relieving them of financial risks. Yet there must be clear expectations and vision of the product to start a fixed cost project. We had them. NewMoove already had an iOS application and our task was making a product with the same feature set and general design for Android 4.0 and later versions. In fact, everything was so clear in this project that we released the app after 10 weeks, which is 4 weeks earlier than estimated.

The NewMoove app is basically a huge library of unique training courses: from yoga and pilates to special breathing techniques and problem zone training. Users get it all without leaving home, being able to purchase/subscribe to any course they like. NewMoove hires professional coaches and creates HD videos, and currently there are over 400 courses available. Now we had to move this set of personalized fitness experience to Android.

The scope was as follows: a user would be able to search for training courses, rate them and leave feedback, watch video courses, track their own progress and achievements, set purposes for workouts, and add courses to favorites.


• Login & registration

• Guest mode

• Course finder (13 categories, courses are sorted according to levels and durations)

• Courses may be evaluated by users

• Individual training programs + notifications

• Healthy nutrition planning (PDF + videos)

• Stream previews + full videos

• Adding courses to Favorites

• Courses with corresponding info may be shared on Facebook

• Diary of exercise performance

• Users may set challenges for themselves and track the results

• Top news and useful training tips

• Contact and other information about the company


• Video streaming (HLS)

• Newest Android SDK components

• Custom views

• Facebook integration

• Canvas drawing

• Local storage


The back end API was provided by the Client, and we couldn't have a clearer example of what we had to do. In addition, it was a rare case of a third-party back end running clockwork. Thus it's no surprise that we fully relied on the fixed cost approach in this particular case. It should also be noted that finishing 1 month earlier than expected was telling. The app itself has gathered 500–1000 installations over two weeks since its release.

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