Case Study: Employee Turnover Analytics & Management Platform

Employee Turnover Analytics & Management Platform

Client and Business Goals:

While operating with headcount budget planning in a huge company, Michael Thomson has experienced all the painful challenges and risk factors related to employee turnover. This resulted in the creation of software aimed to bring clarity and accuracy to financial and operational management.

Product Description:

Slope is a platform for headcount control and budgeting. The embedded workflow minimizes delays and miscommunication when it comes to employee status transition (hired, dismissed, on maternity leave, etc.). Based on status updates, the headcount budget is optimized more efficiently.

Applied Technologies:

ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Django, Django REST framework, Crontab, uWSGi, Nginx, Docker, Material Design

Slope - dashboard

Project Highlights:

  • Design a software to fit enterprise-level operations
  • Deliver statistics for headcount fluctuation analysis
  • Perform a holistic business analysis stage to meet budget restrictions
  • Focus on UX design & wireframing to use MVP budget efficiently
slope_status transition tree
slope_status transition tree

Design a software to fit enterprise-level operations

Employee turnover is far more complex than it seems at first glance, especially within big companies. Therefore, as a starting point, we have determined the business logic of the status transition tree. Then each status of the implemented structure was interconnected with the relevant approval person. As a result, after a user’s validation, the employee’s status is automatically changed at the scheduled time, which allows updating the budget promptly.

slope - flow

Deliver statistics for headcount fluctuation analysis

Since data analysis is a vital basis for further planning, we have provided access to the stored forecast & actual results. All results are available on the user’s dashboard and are supported with easy-to-analyze charts and tables. The data visualization serves to bring users insights, compare outcomes and optimize budgets for next periods.

Perform a holistic business analysis stage to meet budget restrictions

MVP stage had a strict budget, therefore the client chose a fixed-price approach. Since the FP approach is based on predefined scope and project requirements, business analysis was the initial mandatory step. Additionally, the main MVP feature of automatic employee status transition had many pitfalls and required more clarity. The feature list was reviewed and scope modernization was applied in close cooperation with Michael, which allowed us to provide a realistic estimate for budget & timeline restrictions. And, what’s more important – resulted into meeting those estimates and delivering the product on time.

Focus on UX design & wireframing to use MVP budget efficiently

Addressing MVP limitations within the design stage as well, we’ve focused on delivering an intuitively understandable UX design. Then, instead of creating a custom UI design for all screens, we have used wireframing, Material UI and generated a few color scheme options. This optimization allowed us to save time for other crucial activities within development and business analysis stages.

Corporate operations automation
Extensive reporting for budget planning
Material UI to meet MVP limitations
slope - schene

For me, it was a great experience to delegate the entire development process to a single full-cycle development team. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve as a result of the MVP stage, and the team worked on this challenge to help me achieve my goal. From business analysis and design to the final delivery, the team was very flexible and attentive to my preferences. They took ownership of the technical solutions and their implementation giving me an opportunity to focus on the business matters rather than the technical ones.

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Founder of Slope

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