Recycling assistant by Mobidev – privacy policy

Recycling Assistant uses smartphone camera to scan rubbish, process the image and provide guidelines on how to recycle photographed objects.

This data is stored on admin side and is used for future improvements of the app and AI-driven object recognition model.

The following statistical data is collected by the system:

  • number of times each screen was opened
  • total number of photos taken within the application
  • number of onboarding guide views
  • number of search queries within the application

The above-listed information is gathered strictly for internal use and statistics analysis.

Other than that, the collected data is not distributed or shared anywhere with anyone. We guarantee that under any circumstances your data will never be used by us for any other purpose without your specific permission.

The app engages in no ad targeting, data mining, or other activities that may compromise your privacy, and we do not affiliate ourselves with any third parties that do so.