Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD

Yevhen Krasnokutsky

AI/ML Team Leader, PhD
My path to the world of AI started from away. In fact, my first, let’s call it “professional passion”, was Chemistry. First being a school interest, it brought me to the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. However, then I switched to the field of Artificial Intelligence with the desire to explore its rapidly growing potential. And now I can say with certainty, that the most exciting part of my work is building a unique solution that optimizes some particular process, and then witnessing how the mix of these solutions makes our lives easier, safer, and more sustainable. Along with implementing AI, DS, and ML technologies in our clients’ projects, I keep exploring various fields of AI and share my thoughts in the MobiDev blog. In particular, you can check my articles by following the links below.

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