Complimentary Consultation

Thank you for joining market research! This data will help to better understand expectations and concerns dealing with vendors and improve the industry.

The questionnaire is targeted at:

  • product owners and managers who drive software development and are decision-makers
  • decision-makers who have experience working with vendors or consider such options

At the end of the questionnaire, you can provide us with your email and we will contact you regarding the complimentary consultation.

Link to the questionnaire

As we agreed on providing complimentary consulting, we have to say a few words on conditions. MobiDev specializes in software development and is ready to provide you with a consultation within the scope of technologies it works with.

8 hours of free consultation are provided to the target audience: product owners and managers who drive software development and are decision-makers. To receive a consultation you have to fill in the questionnaire and leave your e-mail in the questionnaire’s relevant field – this will allow us to make sure you have completed the questionnaire and contact you to set up a consultation.

MobiDev reserves the right to refuse a consultation if the subject of the request/product is offensive, illegal or discriminative. MobiDev also refuses a consultation, if the request is not in our area of expertise.

All consultation requests will be processed in order as received. MobiDev assumes no responsibility for the timing, the requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

One product/business entity could apply only for one consultation. Multiple filling of the form will not lead to several consultations.

Please, contact us in case of any questions!