The Best Music Player For Android Gets A Big Update!

July 08, 2015 388 Views
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The Best Music Player For Android Gets A Big Update!

Our free MDPlayer has finally got a big update!

After all, we did promise making it better and better for you, didn't we?

MDPlayer is an exclusive music player developed by MobiDev and given away for free to every music lover around the world. Now it has become more polished and stable, and has unveiled a couple of surprises for you.

• Surprise #1: Support for Android Auto. MDPlayer was initially designed as a player that would be perfect for safe and easy use while driving, and now it's already had its first user!

• Surprise #2: We have created a full-fledged application for Android Wear now, just as beautiful and functional as the one for your smartphone. This means easy controlling the player, switching between tracks and playlists, and simply enjoying your music on the go.

• Surprise #3: Support for Cue Sheet. Yeah, we are making our player support as many formats as possible to meet the needs and preferences of our users.

As for design, it's an app that was made for absolute convenience in use on your Android device. We always try to keep it simple and responsive. No ads. No overfeaturing. Just music. Get it on Google Play!

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