SmartTAB: A POS System Developed By MobiDev Is Exhibited In Las Vegas

May 15, 2015 706 Views
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SmartTAB: A POS System Developed By MobiDev Is Exhibited In Las Vegas

Nightclub & Bar Show 2015 in Las Vegas is the biggest event dedicated to the HORECA industry. There were over 700 innovative products and lots of business people from all over the US, and among them was the SmartTab POS system for retail exhibited by the product owner and several MobiDev representatives.

SmartTAB was specifically developed for nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. If compared with rivals, it has a more elaborate interface with less steps required to accomplish intended actions. Plus it has several features that even the most mature competitors don't have. The product is constantly evolving, so feel free to learn more in our case study.


Now here's some feedback from the client's team:

"Nightclub & Bar Show 2015 was not just an important event that we had in mind. It was the event that has rallied the whole team around it. And we felt this truly when we arrived to Vegas and were setting up the equipment after a sleepless night. Dedication, productivity, and spirit are distinctive qualities of our SmartTab crew. When showing the product to various show attendees I was very happy to hear their positive feedback about our innovative feature, these were mainly exclamations like "No way!" "Oh my god!" "How do you do that?" and "This is freaking awesome!""

"We will keep moving and strive to reach new goals together with MobiDev! I know how much energy this assignment demanded, and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts to make it a success. Thank you guys a lot for your professionalism, dedication and hard work!"



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