RAD.js Trending On GitHub

April 29, 2015 249 Views
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RAD.js Trending On GitHub

Another fine day for our RAD.js development toolkit - its AnimateTransition library currently ranks #7 trending on GitHub. What a great opportunity to say thank you to all the developers who put RAD.js into practice, and to our team that constantly updates the toolkit and creates high-performance multiplatform software for our Clients.

The AnimateTransition library allows to make smooth transitions between HTML elements, which in turn is used in a different variety of situations, such as enhancing the appearance of a website or navigation between pages in a hybrid mobile application.

A few more recent honorable mentions of AnimateTransition:

• by the renowned Speckyboy Web Design Magazine.

• by LockerDome, an interest-based social network.

• by Green Ruby News, a weekly newsletter about Ruby, Web Development, JavaScript, and related topics.

• by Codrops, a blog on web design and development with articles and tutorials about web trends, techniques and new possibilities.

We are glad to see how our RAD.js gradually evolves, gets featured on various resources, and gathers more and more developers into its community. But most of all we are proud of the software products that are brought to life with it (such as the great big IMS TILES or the small cute PreCom). These products are responsive and reliable in work, they are built faster, they run faster, and they cover any mobile or desktop platform that's required by the Client.

Here's a GitHub screenshot as a little bonus:


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