MobiDev Monthly Roundup: October 2016

October 31, 2016 219 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: October 2016

Let us start this month's news roundup with a couple of business events in California, USA. We are going to exhibit there, meet entrepreneurs and offer technical solutions for their business needs. Moreover, it's another great opportunity for us to meet each other and possibly start a fruitful business relationship!

Forthcoming Events

Lean Startup Co

San Francisco, CA, USA

October 31, 2016 — November 6, 2016

Small Business Expo

Los Angeles, CA, USA

November 10, 2016

Additionally, CEO Oleg Lola will hold a keynote

"How To Launch A Product With A Software Development Partner"

An honorable mention should be made of the recent TechDay Europe in London, UK, which took place on October 27. Our impressions will be covered in the next roundup, so stay tuned!

It's always easy to make a personal appointment. Feel free to contact us!

Our New Releases And Updates

R3ciprocity: we are happy to present a brand new platform for editing and proofreading. It helps two categories of people to meet each other: those who look for someone to review their texts and those who want to make money by reviewing. The product was conceived by its owner and built by MobiDev with care for convenient work and quick interactions.

Cobo: once we developed and delivered a software product for this Italian company. Quite a while after that, the Clients returned to us and asked us to create a new landing page for the product. It was successfully made on tight schedule.

Public Events By MobiDev

Our activities keep covering more and more ground in Ukraine, where our development centers are located. We continuously share our experience among both aspiring and skilled IT specialists. Here are three recent public events by MobiDev that took place this October:

Master classes for aspiring Android developers

Mykolaiv, October 26, November 2, 9

These master classes are dedicated to a number of practical issues and expert advice in the sphere of Android development, as well as to the general flow of development process adopted and successfully utilized by MobiDev.

PM talk "Project Management With Jira And Confluence"

Mykolaiv, October 27

The talk was dedicated to two major project management tools, which every project manager should be able to handle effectively.

Master class "How To Develop The Client's Idea"

Chernivtsi, October 29

Every software company wants to help their client to build a product that will both satisfy the business goals of its owner and the needs of end users. This master class was dedicated to the way MobiDev does it, useful for people that work in the areas of software development, project management, business analysis, and quality assurance.

Top Articles

Choosing JS Framework For Your Software Project

The optimal choice of tools for your software project depends on certain criteria of choice and 3 main points of view: your own as the product owner, that of your end user, and that of your development team.

Having a comparison of several JavaScript frameworks—React.js and Angular 2—as an example, you'll understand all the subtleties of these criteria. You'll be able to determine their value for your particular project and build a product that will fully satisfy both your business goals and needs of your end users.

Startup Canvas: Your Business Model On A Single Page

Startup Canvas is one of the best, most flexible ways of documenting your business model and accompanying ideas. It helps your development team properly understand your vision and goals, your target audience, and the very essence of your future software product.

What's even more important, a Canvas can be filled out quickly and modified easily. Read on to see how we did it to make an internal software product, and try to do it for your own business idea!

3 Videos With Essential Insights For Your Software Project

Our extensive experience and understanding of Clients' needs became the basis for our approach to work. Check these videos to see how we create software that perfectly satisfies needs and demands of end users, as well as helps product owners achieve their business goals.

A Few Words From...

Olena SlutskaOlena Slutska, Business Development Manager

"TechDay Europe, Lean Startup Co, and Small Business Expo are perfect places for us to meet each other and see how services of MobiDev can help you achieve your business goals and address your target audience in the fastest and at the same time most efficient way.

Whether you need a dedicated team for full-cycle development or additional resources to extend your existing team, our in-house experts can be easily and effectively involved. Just contact us and we'll get things started!"

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