MobiDev Monthly Roundup: March 2016

March 29, 2016 285 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: March 2016
Forthcoming Events

It's been a busy month, a lot of interesting things happened in our company, but before we proceed to them, here's our schedule of events where we'll be speaking and exhibiting in the nearest future:

DroidCon • Turin, Italy
April 7: "Don't Lose Your Head With Agile: Choosing The Right Approaches For A Software Project"
Presented by Anastasia Berestovaya, Project Manager at MobiDev.

TechDay • New York, USA
April 21: exhibiting

Interop • Las Vegas, USA
May 2-6: exhibiting + "Your Pilot Client – Your First Love"
Presented by Alex Vasilchenko, Web Group Leader at MobiDev.

Apps World • Santa Clara, USA
May 11-12: "Software Product Evolution: What To Expect After The 1st Release"
Presented by Sergey Ivanov, Quality Assurance Team Leader at MobiDev.

Cloud Expo • New York, USA
June 7-9: "What Added Value Can A Development Company Bring To Your Software Product?"
Presented by Oleksii Ostroverkhyi, CCO at MobiDev.

Feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting if you happen to find a date and location suitable for you.

Our New Releases And Updates

We are currently on a quest of updating our website for convenient navigation and more informative insights into our work principles and approaches. Recent additions include a brand new portfolio and an update of our landing page.

Pitapat for iOS: a convenient local marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved baby and children's items.

More News

Goodbye Elance, hello Upwork!

Elance has been finally closed for any new activities, and even search engines will now lead you first and foremost to Upwork. So, we'll be glad to see you there and start a productive collaboration! Our previous achievements on Elance were awarded with #1 ranking among software contractors, and we were holding this leading position more than 1 year. Our further efforts will continue making our clients happy with the results of our work.

MobiDev keynotes at CeBIT and MobileTechCon 2016

We've had a good start with these two events, and our respective keynotes "Managing Evolution Of A Software Product" and "Mobile Apps: How To Estimate An MVP" were met with acclaim and brought us inspiration to move on with our endeavors. We'll be glad to see you at any upcoming event.

And a delicious bonus – our video keynote on CeBIT YouTube channel!

Top Article

Our biggest recent article is dedicated to UI/UX design – an effective detailed guide to UI/UX design stages. It also shows our approach that helped many product owners to create a solid ground for further development.

A Few Words From...

Irina Karlashova, Head of Client Care

"The Client Care team of MobiDev focuses on and extends its concern to others, and cultivates the thought of caring for each client. And I really believe this always has an immediate positive effect on our mutual growth and on complete fulfillment of the Client's expectations and demands."
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