MobiDev Monthly Roundup: July 2016

July 29, 2016 173 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: July 2016

Greetings! We've got fresh articles and case studies, as well as a fine product announcement for you this July!

Our New Releases And Updates

Our possibly biggest event of this month is the launch of MobiDev People – our new staff management system that was built as an internal product, tailored to corporate needs and specifics of our company. What's even more important, we made it a simple and flexible product from the very beginning, so in the future it might serve as the basis for customized branded products—maybe yours as well!

MobeDev People

The key features of MobiDev People include:

• Four user roles with different access levels, ranging from super administrators and HR managers to regular employees

• Comprehensive employee profiles with calendars, schedules, vacations, and event feed

• Detailed company structure with easy navigation

• Automation, quick change requests, synchronization of changes, search system, and email notifications

For those who'd love to try it out: we ask just for a little patience. The public version is currently in works, and we'll make an announcement as soon as it's ready. Additionally, a detailed case study is on its way to you!

Top Articles

CujoCase Study: CUJO

Meet CUJO, an innovative device, essential for connected homes and designed to protect networks from such threats as malware and viruses, virtual intrusions and hacks. It comes with two native apps for iOS and Android. They provide the user with control over a CUJO device, allowing them to monitor the security of the network.

How To Launch A Product With A Software Development Partner

Long and turbulent is the way from a startup idea to the first version of a software product launched on the market. But it's quite possible to make this process as effective and painless as possible, especially if you have a software development partner, a team of experts that will build it for you.

MDMDeveloping A Solution For Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (or MDM) is an administrative area that deals with deployment, security, monitoring, integration and management of mobile devices in the workplace. The goal of MDM is to optimize functionality and security of mobile devices within enterprise ecosystems and corporate networks.

StayGoCase Study: StayGo

StayGo is one of the most recent software products developed by MobiDev. It is a free cross-platform app backed by a system that evaluates users' romantic relationships and predicts their possible future.

A Few Words From...

Alena AlievaAlena Alieva, HR Manager

Project Manager of MobiDev People

After the introduction of MobiDev People, we got lots of positive feedback from our employees who tried their hand at it. This system solved the problem of a company with steadily growing staff. It is designed to increase productivity by providing essential information and automating routine processes.

MobiDev People will be presented to you in early August, so you'll be able to check it out. If you find it interesting and suitable for your own company, feel free to contact us.

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