MobiDev Monthly Roundup: January–February 2016

February 29, 2016 340 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: January–February 2016
Forthcoming Events

In 2016, MobiDev experts will be actively contributing reports to IT events around the world. It's not only a great way of sharing our expertise and knowledge with software product owners; we see such events as a perfect opportunity to meet in person and discuss potential projects easily, without any haste or distance between us. Here is our schedule for this March:

MobileTechCon • Munich, Germany
March 15: "Mobile Apps: How To Estimate An MVP"
Presented by Andrew Makarov, iOS Team Leader and Technical Evaluation Expert at MobiDev.

CeBIT • Hannover, Germany
March 15: "Managing Evolution Of A Software Product"
Presented by Eugene Kuzminov, Web Development Team Leader at MobiDev.

GISEC • Dubai, UAE
March 30: "Developing A Complex Software Product: Mobile Device Management Solution"
Presented by Stas Khoroshulia, Senior Android Developer and Technical Leader at MobiDev.
March 31: "Launching A Product With A Software Development Partner"
Presented by Alexandra Ilinskaya, Head of Sales and Client Care at MobiDev.

Feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting if you happen to find a date and location suitable for you.

Our New Releases And Updates

Over these two months we've had several fresh releases and major updates handled by our team. We'd like to share them with you as compelling examples of our work.

MetaTrixter for iOS: a new app by MobiDev, which allows to edit extended photo metadata directly on the smartphone. This app is created with Swift by our Nikolaev team, traditionally ad-free and charge-free for any interested users.
StayGo for iOS and Android: a PhoneGap-based app that helps the user evaluate romantic relationships and predict their possible future.
HaikuJAM for iOS: a social poetry experience that gathers users around the world to create haiku poetry together.

More News

• Oleg Lola, MobiDev CEO, visited our offices in Nikolaev and Chernivtsi with a keynote on building a software MVP, based on his personal experience and supported by successful real-life cases.
• MobiDev has been actively building up the JavaScript and Ruby directions, and now we have 2 newly formed respective teams of talented and dedicated people. It's also worth noting that our experts started sharing their experience by conducting two-month Ruby training courses in Chernivtsi.

They Wrote About Us

• It was a pleasant surprise to see us included in this round-up of top 110 expert bloggers, ranking #3. We always do our best to be engaging and provide our readers with the most crucial and useful information about software development, effective collaboration and problem-solving, insights for mobile startups, and technical reports provided by our experts. You can always contact us personally regarding any related issue.
We are also thankful for a mention on Upwork. We believe it offers a transparent and reliable way of collaboration and mutual growth for product owners and software companies.

Top Articles

Here's a couple of articles that might come in handy. You may browse our blog for even more.

A Few Words From...

Oleg Lola, CEO

"This year MobiDev will have a sharper focus on contributions to world's top IT-related events. Our experts in different fields—project management, design, development and quality assurance—will speak about different ways of solving product owners' business problems with software development, and doing it effectively and successfully. All of these contributions will be later available on our blog – I am sure there will be lots of interesting stuff for you. So stay updated!"
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