MobiDev Monthly Roundup: April 2017

April 28, 2017 338 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: April 2017

The single biggest event of this April for MobiDev was our participation in TechDay, a conference that gathered the startup community of New York. Yet we've got some fresh news and releases for you to have a look at.

Meet us at one of these events!

As always, we start with our list of conferences and expos to attend.

Let us know if you want to meet us at any of these!

IoT Tech Expo Europe • Berlin, Germany • June 1-2

Cloud Expo • New York City, NY, USA • June 6-8

TECHSPO • Santa Monica, CA, USA • June 14-15

DeveloperWeek • New York City, NY, USA • June 19-21

FullStack 2017 • London, UK • July 12-14

TechDay • Los Angeles, CA, USA • September 14

API:World • San Jose, CA, USA • September 23-28

Cloud Expo • Santa Clara, CA, USA • October 31-November 2

DeveloperWeek • Austin, TX, USA • November 7-9

TechDay 2017: Impressions

It wasn't our first TechDay attendance, but arguably the most productive and full of positive impressions so far. The conference had definitely grown over the last year, and it felt like there were twice as many enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneurs, open to conversations. We even managed to provide technical consultations on the spot.

The diversity of represented business domains was astonishing, from top-level industrial works to high-tech products and the Internet of Things. Wrap it up in the inviting atmosphere, and you get TechDay 2017.

Enough of words, let's proceed to pictures!

New York. TechDay 2017. MobiDev booth

New York. TechDay 2017. MobiDev booth

MobiDev and at New York TechDay 2017

It was an admittedly busy but totally great event. Wish you were there!

New Releases & Updates

Active Suspension ControlActive Suspension Control: just a month ago we announced the release of an iOS app that connects to a special piece of hardware installed on cars and helps control wheel suspension. Our dedicated team started work without access to the hardware, but quickly understood the entire logic and successfully implemented it. Now we are happy to say that the Android version will soon be finally out!

RedRouteRedRoute: we have released a major update of this software suite for taxi services that streamlines daily dispatcher abilities and provides drivers and customers with mobile apps for real-time interaction. The clients are happy with our achievements and instant responses to urgent issues. By the way, RedRoute is already used by 3 taxi companies in NY to highly positive impressions.

Software product under NDAUnder NDA: a high-performance software product for internal corporate use. Based on .NET, JavaScript and AWS Lambda, it focuses on complex formula-based calculations. Its main technical challenge was processing of csv files of over 100,000 lines without failures. It was a hard task, considering the specifics of the .NET/AWS environment, required by the corporate client. It was a case when the task was a bit unsuitable for the adopted tech stack. But there was nothing that our team couldn't tackle! Skill and hard work made the product stable. The acceptance team on the client's side praised our work, no critical defects were allowed to pass, and the product went live successfully.

More News!

• MobiDev experts continue their successful streak of contributions to local public IT events. This time we're glad to congratulate our iOS expert Igor Savinskiy on a successful speech "iOS permissions: increasing app conversion" at KharkivMobileDevs, which took place on April 27.

Chernivtsi National University held a meetup "Project Manager in IT" with MobiDev on April 20. Our experts conducted a lecture and a training that represented the full cycle of project management – from start to product delivery, with lots of best practices shared and secrets revealed. This meetup was met with praise, and we are thankful to the University and all attendees.

Chernivtsi National University  meetup Project Manager in IT

• One more free public event organized by MobiDev in Mykolaiv: on April 26, our QA expert Maksim Slaschilin held a keynote "How to document changes in the project and keep the team informed." It gathered dozens of thankful listeners: project managers, QA engineers, software developers, students, and corporate representatives.

• Last but by no means least: the LinkedIn page of MobiDev has gathered 1,500 followers! We believe it's a good number. For example, year 1500 roughly marks the start of the Age of Discovery, which led humanity to the modern civilization as we know it. That said, let us consider our own milestone number a good start too, and may it double by the end of this year. We love you all!

A Few Words From...

Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Marketing OfficerOleksii Tsymbal, Chief Marketing Officer

"It's been less than a month since TechDay, but the works on new projects at MobiDev have already begun. When you meet your potential business partner and talk face to face, you get confidence. When there is confidence, all of us can concentrate on core matters, and your project progresses faster. A simple conversation between us can become the first step on your way to a breakthrough, an early market entry, a lasting business relationship."

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