MobiDev Experts Day 2016

July 08, 2016 185 Views
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MobiDev Experts Day 2016

Now there is one more major event in the world of MobiDev! It is called Experts Day, and it was held on June 4 in the city of Kharkiv, the location of our biggest development center, the city where top IT experts in the country are educated and gathered. Two major tracks—management and development—had a number of reports presented by MobiDev experts. Practical issues, experience, emerging technologies, problems and solutions—we tried to cover the most relevant issues that arise in software projects.

First of all, it was the first IT conference of this type and caliber initiated by MobiDev, with over 100 participants and attendees. It was an inspiring and successful event. We had several goals, among them:

Share our expertise in different aspects of software projects. We wanted to tell the IT community about our work, how we build processes, how we master new technologies, share our studies and insights for educational purposes. We did not want to make any report focused on a single technology; instead, we concentrated on the most commonplace problems of software development and offered solutions backed by practical examples—and discussed specifics of modern technologies within these problems.

MoboDev Experts Day

Let other people get acquainted with our company, processes, and approaches. A keynote is more compelling than website information anyway. Since we are interested in the best IT experts, we wanted to make them interested as well by telling them about our company. We wanted to show how we work to bring the projects of our clients into reality.

One more goal, a very special one, concerned charity. For 2 years MobiDev has been maintaining active cooperation with Station Kharkiv, a major charity and volunteering organization, and our proven partner. We made admission charged and gathered over ₴20,000 for charity purposes, not including an additional amount of money provided by the company. These earnings will support one of Station Kharkiv projects, and it's currently discussed where they would be most effective.

The topics that won the most attention and appreciation of attendees were:

MoboDev Experts Day

1 Andrew Makarov, iOS Development Team Leader

"The Dark Sides Of The Best Agile Practices" by

1 Anastasia Berestovaya, Project Manager

MoboDev Experts Day

"How To Manage Deployment On Multiple Servers" by

1 Anton Logvinenko, Web Development Team Leader

MoboDev Experts Day

"What Language Should Be Chosen For Your Next Web Product:

A Practical Point Of View" by

1 Eugene Kuzminov, Web Development Team Leader

Although the event lasted the whole day, the atmosphere was great, and people did not get tired – instead, they participated actively throughout. Visitor feedback praised the atmosphere and the storytelling approach with numerous references to real-life cases.


This event was followed by similar conferences in the other cities where we have development centers—Mykolaiv and Chernivtsi—and for the former it was the first ever IT-related conference in the history of the city. We are glad to be a vital part of the Ukrainian IT community.

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