MobiDev At The 2015 Spark Conference

June 15, 2015 165 Views
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MobiDev At The 2015 Spark Conference

Startup experience is unique to every appreneur, no matter if we talk about an innovative product or a product that vastly improves on a well-known concept. What matters in the end is the spark of passion in the appreneur, the viability of the idea, and the software development partner. This is what the 2015 Spark Conference was about. It took place in the city of Charlotte, NC, on Saturday, June 6, and MobiDev was one of the participants.

MobiDev CEO, Oleg Lola, presented a report "From Idea to Product Launch with Software Development Partner" at this conference. It welcomed both entrepreneurs and developers, and we naturally aimed at the former category of visitors. Here's what was covered:

  • • how to get expert feedback on the idea;
  • • when the entrepreneur should get it started;
  • • how to elaborate product requirements;
  • • the importance of UI design for the success of the product;
  • • how much resources are needed to develop an MVP;
  • • how to prepare for the product launch.

There were over 600 people present at the event, and among them were about 30-40 startuppers – and those who are determined to become startuppers. These people were very friendly and enthusiastic, and made a great atmosphere for the report, asking interesting questions and sharing their opinions on the covered topics.

We'll be attending more interesting events in the future, sharing our experience with both developers and startuppers. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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