MobiDev: Annual Roundup 2016

December 27, 2016 494 Views
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MobiDev: Annual Roundup 2016

It's been a hard year's end, and we've been working real hard. We'd love to start our annual roundup with the easiest way to show you how MobiDev has grown over this year. Here it is, our evolution in numbers!

MobiDev 2016 Infographic

Most notable events of 2016

The 7th anniversary of MobiDev: another year of experience, another year of top-notch software solutions for the businesses of our clients!

We've opened a new office in Bay Area, located in a WeWork office center in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Upwork has awarded MobiDev as the Best Agency 2016 in Web, Mobile & Software Development – a Top Rated software contractor with 100% Job Success.

10 major MobiDev releases of 2016

A handful of new products: CUJO, Mood Cow, Marlene Kern Art & Products, Urbery, MobiDev People, R3ciprocity, Cobo, RedRoute, NewMoove, and Pluto.

IT events conducted by MobiDev in 2016

A string of public IT events organized by MobiDev: MobiDev Experts Day, MobiDev PRO, JS Day, Design Experts Day, Ruby Meetup, and a number of master classes.

IT events attended by MobiDev experts in 2016

Successful keynotes and exhibitions at world's top IT events, including CeBIT, Lean Startup Co, TechDay, Small Business Expo, Upwork Career Day, Cloud Expo, Interop, Apps World, GISEC, and DroidCon.

Top articles of 2016

The last but not the least: our in-depth articles for software owners—here we've picked the best for you!

Your Best Guide To Stages Of Software Design

Fixed Price Contract For Software Development Projects

Software Estimates: Minimum Viable Product

How To Launch A Product With A Software Development Partner

What Added Value Can A Software Development Company Bring To A Product Owner?

What Is The Value Brought By QA To Your Software Product?

A Few Words From...

Oleg Lola, MobiDev CEOOleg Lola, MobiDev CEO

On behalf of the entire MobiDev team, I'd like to say thank you to all of our clients for a year full of productive work and successful product launches. MobiDev becomes stronger and more experienced with every year, but one thing never changes: we take delight in working with you, and we are always at your service.

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