MobiDev Anniversary: 7 Years Of Excellence!

November 07, 2016 188 Views
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MobiDev Anniversary: 7 Years Of Excellence!

There was a big bang 7 years ago, and that was when MobiDev emerged and started expanding into the universe that we know and love today. Our evolution rapidly advanced along with the evolution of our Clients' businesses.

Currently, we have 210+ stellar experts in the various spheres of development, UI/UX design, quality assurance, and project management. These people are assembled in effective teams that build and deliver solutions to businesses around the world.

Around the world, indeed: while most of our Clients are located in the US, we covered a number of countries in Europe, Africa, and even have several Clients in Australia. Only South America and Asia remain to be conquered.

Our company has over 750k hours spent on projects of our Clients. The rewarding outcome is over 280 products launched on the market. We are proud of our guys!

But most of all, we'd love to say thanks to all of our Clients that accompanied us on this space voyage! We are happy to share the same universe. There is a lot ahead, and we are certain to explore boundless success with you!

Sincerely yours,

the MobiDev crew

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