MobiDev Monthly Roundup: September 2017

September 29, 2017 277 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: September 2017

Here comes September news from MobiDev! Learn more about our new product releases and latest conferences we attended, including the famous TechCrunch Disrupt. Take a look behind the curtain of our project processes. And of course, check these two events below where can arrange a personal meeting with you. It's easy – just contact us!

TechDay • London, UK • October 27

Cloud Expo • Santa Clara, CA, USA • October 31-November 2

DeveloperWeek • Austin, TX, USA • November 7-9

MobiDev at TechCrunch Disrupt, TechDay, and API World

September brought us some of the most memorable conference attendances: TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, API World in San Jose, and TechDay in Los Angeles. We were amazed at the ever increasing number of solutions for the Internet of Things. As we said in our recent post about IoT trends, there is a shift towards interoperability and common industry standards.

One more interesting observation concerned huge enterprises that had been operating with the same intact software for years. They value their current stability, yet consider adopting new technologies as a competitive edge against technologically advanced market rivals that already use cloud computing, microservices, and new approaches to development and delivery of software products. These innovations require a corresponding way of thinking and generating ideas, and we are happy to bring it all to our clients.

Now let the pictures speak.

MobiDev's Head of US Business Development Alan Winters at API World API World conference awards

API World conference in San Jose API World conference in San Jose

MobiDev's Web Development Expert Victor Tolmachev at API World API World conference in San Jose

MobiDev's team at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco MobiDev's marketing team at TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco MobiDev's team at TechCrunch Disrupt

New releases and updates

IoT developmentOne of our project teams is currently finishing a new chapter in our IoT development, building a product in close collaboration with a team of hardware engineers on a remote basis—and within a challenging scheduling. Since the client's first visit to our office and formation of product vision, we have been steadily moving through every project stage. The product itself includes: hardware with custom API; iOS application for end users; and backend with the product logic.

Smart homeSmart home, one of the hottest IoT trends, became one of our major areas of expertise. This time the story revolves around a custom beacon that performs measurements and sends notifications to the owner's application. This application is available for both iOS and Android, each one designed and developed by native means.

Smart CarNow a few more words about the recently released ASC application that interacts with a specific device installed in a car, allowing the owner to control wheel suspension via BLE connection. After the successful release of iOS and Android apps, the client visited our office, shared his own impressions with our team over a morning coffee, and tested the application on his own car.

It was an amazing experience, and we believe no words can speak better than this video.

The client has several new apps in the cards, and one of them is scheduled for release soon. It's called ASG (Active Sound Gateway), and it's an IoT product for connected cars that allows to regulate tailpipe sound according to 4 different parameters. A new product means a new story – and it's not that far away, so stay updated and be sure not to miss it!

Code reviewOne of our long-time clients entrusted us with legacy code of a rather old application. All our team had to do was to catch the essence of the business logic. Their quick grasp made it easier to understand how the front end worked and how they would eliminate code defects. Soon the software product was no longer outdated, and redesign is in the plans for the near future. The same team seamlessly updated another legacy service, bringing a number of improvements after in-depth testing, including enhanced data processing, boosted performance and stability.

Venue management systemLet's finish this list with SmartTab, a B2B venue management system with more than 100 large US-based clients. Originally designed for clubs, bars, and restaurants, it is currently covering a brand new market segment – hotels. The system was customized by our team to unite all hotel services under simplified payment procedures and deeper integration. As a result, POS activities take mere seconds, which will be undoubtedly appreciated by end users. What's more, the system was exhibited at yet another conference where our guys helped the product owner to showcase it, conducted master classes for potential clients. It's worth noting that several businesses expressed immediate interest.

Software project processes at MobiDev:

from beginnings to delivery

MobiDev delivered over 320 software products to businesses from various business domains and countries, with projects of different complexity and duration. These projects encompass a wide range of subject matter, from an increasing number of IoT products to enterprise and B2B systems.

We believe the secret lies not only in the expertise of our teammates, but as well in evolving project processes that enable effective business-driven software development. These processes are naturally tailored to the specifics of every particular project. However, the core approach to product evolution remains the same. Now we'd like to invite you to take a look at every project stage and see how we build and deliver your software products.

Tweets to brighten the day

First, here is a fun tweet from our friends in WeWork LA!

Tweet from WeWork Los Angeles

And here is what API 2017 visitors tweet about us. On the picture you can see Alan Winters delivering a speech about the subtleties of offshore software development.

Alan Winters delivering a keynote at API World

A few words from...

Victor Tolmachev, Web Development ExpertVictor Tolmachev, Web Development Expert

"The API conference gathered lots of people, and the vast majority of them had solid technical background: there were developers, tech leaders, software architects. The hottest topics presented by speakers touched upon microservices, serverless architecture, GraphQL, and a number of other technologies widely applied in our projects.

Alan's keynote was more business-oriented, and it was great. He spoke about effective outsourcing, and how to search and select the "right" software partner for a business. The room was full, and the speech triggered discussions."

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