MobiDev Monthly Roundup: June 2017

June 30, 2017 205 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: June 2017

Haven't heard from us in a while, I presume? Well, make yourself comfortable and learn what happened at MobiDev during this hot and busy month of summer!

Join us at world's top developer & business conferences!

FullStack 2017 • London, UK • July 12-14

TechDay • Los Angeles, CA, USA • September 14

API:World • San Jose, CA, USA • September 23-28

Cloud Expo • Santa Clara, CA, USA • October 31-November 2

DeveloperWeek • Austin, TX, USA • November 7-9

If you would like to meet us at any of these events, feel free to let us know, and we'll schedule a meeting.

MobiDev interviewed by at Cloud Expo 2017

We have a fab surprise for you brought from this year's Cloud Expo! Watch Alan Winters, our Head of US Business Development, giving his event impressions and curious insights into core activities of MobiDev.

New releases and updates:

A financial analytics company had the need to overcome its infrastructural stagnation in technology. Our services were required to make a substantial update of the system used by the company, with new architectural solutions and a tech stack suggested by our experts to boost the system's performance and scalability. The changes are currently under implementation, which is organized so as not to compromise the system's 24/7 work, essential for the company's operations.

How about a software product that revolves around on-the-go communication between clients and contractors? It has a handy system of ratings, image content, geolocation and messaging features. This project consists of two software products: an iOS app and a Node.js-based Web platform.

Yet another interesting case concerns a library, initially a Web product based on an open source platform. The client's idea was to make the library easily accessible on the iPad, add comments section and other specific functionality. Our project team was proactive from the very start and made valuable suggestions as to UI/UX. They were highly appreciated by the client, who did not hesitate to entrust us with product development.

MobiDev at IoT Tech Expo, TECHSPO and DeveloperWeek

Aside from Cloud Expo, there were three more events that we were pleased to attend, one of them being an invaluable source of the hottest IoT trends for business. Now let the pictures speak!

Our latest articles

Internet of Things Development & Consulting Company

Be sure to check our new website page, which is dedicated to the Internet of Things. It amply shows our expertise and coverage in the said sphere, with a number of interesting cases to back it up.

Building Pluto The Robot, Part II: First Ride

The second entry of the series about Pluto, our robot prototype, is finally here! Read it to learn how you can build and control it by remote means. The next two articles will help you set up a web server and video streaming from the robot's camera eye to a browser.

They write about us

Key Features Of A Successful Mobile Application

One of our blog posts was kindly shared by Upwork, so we invite you to have a pleasant read!

A few words from...

Alan Winters, Head of US Business Development

"At Cloud Expo, most of the people walking the floor and who have stands or booths are in the cloud services businesses or big data businesses. What we found is, many of them are not in the software development business, so where we fit in here is interesting. It's to build the connections between what they do and what their users need. We've been actually quite uplifted by how many companies here are interested in what we do."
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