MobiDev Monthly Roundup: July 2018

July 31, 2018 239 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: July 2018

This hot July has brought us lots of news to share, including, but not limited to: a blockchain demo in action; detailed guides to Augmented Reality software testing and use of Node.js for back end development; our new contributions to Upwork and TechDay blogs; and two upcoming conferences in Norway and LA that we'll start this roundup with.

Event dedicated to trends and perspectives in the global oil and energy community,
including visionaries, experts, and industry innovators

August 27-30 • Stavanger, Norway • Booth #5230

LA's largest startup event that gathers together tech people,
investors, press, and entrepreneurs

TechDay LA 2018

September 27 • Los Angeles, CA

We'll be glad to see you there and have a productive conversation. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Video demo: blockchain technologies for logistics

Blockchain has grown to a viable technology that delivers security, auditability, transparency, and automation of business processes within a decentralized system. Moreover, it can be applied in a number of business sectors – from finances to retail, from IoT to the energy market.

Today we'd like to present you a video demo that we've recently created for the sphere of logistics and transportation. It's all about delivery tracking and updates of blockchain transactions in real time.

The demo comprises a back end, mobile and Web applications, and an IoT device. You may check this post for all the details and technologies applied in this project.

All you need to know about Augmented Reality software testing

Augmented Reality Testing

Testing of AR software quite fits with the traditional testing pyramid. Yet it has its specifics and additional steps that must be taken to ensure user satisfaction with the final product. What's more, mixed reality has a similar approach, so we'll illustrate it all with our case involving software for Microsoft HoloLens—possibly the most popular headset on the AR/MR market. Read more >>>

Should you choose Node.js for your next software project?

Node.js for back end development

Choice of back end technology stack depends on your business objectives and constraints. You need to determine the criteria that matter to you most—and then the right choice will become more obvious. This post focuses on Node.js as one of the most popular technologies in back end development. Read more >>>

Our guest articles on the Upwork and TechDay blogs

This month we have three new articles contributed by our team—and this is becoming a good tradition. Pick the topic of your interest, sit back and enjoy the read!

AR in healthcareAugmented Reality For Digital Transformation In Healthcare

The role that digital transformation has played in recent years—disrupting business flow and treatment models in healthcare—has made a major impression throughout the sector... Read more >>>

Choosing the best back end stack for your startupHow To Choose The Best Technology Stack For Your Startup

A web application project begins by deciding which technology stack will best fit its requirements. Not every application has the same performance needs, so this initial choice is important to ensure that your finished project will deliver a smooth UX... Read more >>>

7 AR trends7 Augmented Reality Trends From the WWDC and Augmented World Expo

The recent growth of augmented reality has been greatly facilitated by Apple's efforts. It was Apple who basically brought AR to the mass market, having introduced ARKit, which helped build engaging experiences for iPhone users... Read more >>>

MobiDev at IoT Tech Expo 2018

It's so quiet on the outside. But once you walk in, you see lots of people showcasing their products and services, making connections and launching new projects. You can walk along rows of numerous booths where business people look for vendors who can implement their business ideas by means of tech innovation. Such was the latest IoT Tech Expo, which basically comprised 3 events in one: one dedicated to IoT, one to Blockchain, and one to AI technologies. Further impressions of our team are described below by our teammate.

MobiDev at IoT Tech Expo 2018MobiDev at IoT Tech Expo 2018MobiDev at IoT Tech Expo 2018

A few words from...

Viktor Gubochkin, Web Development Team LeaderViktor Gubochkin, Web Development Team Leader

"The expo was mostly dedicated to blockchain, quite vividly represented by Hyperledger and their production-ready Sawtooth, which became the basis for our internal demo product for logistics. The Internet of Things focused on data transmissions and platforms for business. There also were lots of enterprise keynotes, which presented a clear picture of how and why large companies use IoT. The most popular topics at the event were Smart City, Smart Buildings & Factories, and Transport 360.

Our company is always in the midst of such events, so don't hesitate to contact us with your own ideas and suggestions."

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